style justice

The rules of fashion are totally irrelevant when it comes to a teen vogue shoot, but the idea of having fun is one word that is undeniably in the mix.  My October 2012, Young Hollywood Issue arrived in the mail this week, and like any new TV mag, I begin to flip my pages back and forth (willow style). The cover is clad with nickelodeon sweetheart, Victoria Justice, who will be starring in a new comedy, Fun Size, paired with late night TV funny-lady, Chelsea Handler. However, as my previous post subjecting teen vogue, it is never quite about the star, but consistently about the style. Victoria’s “bring it on” spread stopped me in my visual tracks, to the point where all I could do is serve her, style points.

Look A.
style points:  when you  pair children in a shoot  you’re bound to bring in the fun (their goes that word again), and this photo is the epitome of it. VJ’s look:  the cool kid that lands the chaotic babysitting  job, with her 50’s  updo, retro acid washed denim jacket, chunky silver necklace/collar, tweed socks and chanel loafer combo, preppy pleated skirt and rocker accessories, she’s sure to give these kids the time of their night

Look B.
style points: styling down the staircase, VJ stops at the last step in a carefree pose, although all matters of mayhem  is surrounding her, Justice is still keeping her cool. this time its girlish punk. the luxuriant evergreen sweater, polished  with an embellished collar, studded chain sling bag, whimsically printed skirt, paired with 24k gold Giuseppe sneakers, tuned out with her high volume purple headphones; she is sure to get things back in order, in her time. 

Look C.
style points:  outdoor fun is the best cure for any kids rowdiness  and VJ parades this in her prim rockstar get up. it appears the kids are composed and Victoria demeanor is pretty much─ effortless.  She steps out in her floral and lace party dress, zebra print crossbody bag, waist defining studded belt, regally layered accessories, heightened with her punky creeper shoes. VJ’s job is almost complete, time to rock out, Justice Style!

photo credits: teenvogue.com


get lively

photo credits:  ny mag/the cut

spotted; fashion blogger Karina of beenalabella.com oohing and ahhing over Gossip Girl starlet and Karl Lagerfeld’s gorgeous protégé ─Blake Lively. Who would have thought, the girl that adored queen bee, Blair Wardolf, portrayed by actress Leighton Meester, would soon be head over heels for her GG bff.  I have to declare, my good friend and style blogger, Aly of rightupyouralyy.com, would always proclaim her love for Lively’s style; it just took some time for mine to prevail.  Seems like lately I’ve been coveting a lot of Blake & White!


print me

plain denim is just plan ole boring these days, and with the  heap of printed denim making a trendy dent in departments stores, it’s time to start joining the fun. I love the extreme layering that teen vogue styled their models in for their back-to-school fashion show, it was simply a London calling. The idea of topping the black fur jacket over the heart-print button down gave me a splendid idea for my american eagle faux fur vest that I stored away. However, it was the majestic jeans, which charmed me the most; I already started searching the web for my picks.  Which print jean would you copy this fall?


fall in love

photo credits: teenvogue.com

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, and while most would apply that phrase to the holiday season, I find it compatible to my favorite season, Fall.  Ah, the season of new beginnings, breezy climate and the need for chunky layers, even the outdoor smell alone is nostalgic. Though were only in the ending days of summer, I have already started patching together my looks for fall. marc jacobs fall 2012 collection is a superb example of what fall fashion should be: fun, elaborate and imaginative!  



Now that I am off my 
blogging hiatus, I am ready to get back to updating my readers with my latest fashion and beauty selections. During my time off, I have been experimenting with my styling techniques, taking an innovative approach to style. My two lovely sisters have been allowing me to have fun with their personal style. This undeniable knack for styling started simply by assisting close friends with their looks for events and so forth. So, I decided to take it up a notch and create an experience that was fun, fresh and budget friendly.  I titled this new project the “beenalabella styling experience”. The mobile app Instagram has been my outlet that I am using to display my work, if you have an iPhone or Android, you can download the app and follow me “@beenalabella”.


computer love

the coveteur , jenni kayne office 

kate spade, office  

who what wear, office 

“What will my dream office look like in a couple of years?” … “I can only imagine, but as long as it has a mac, I am intact”- beenalabella


summer sault

Since the countdown to the first day of summer begins in 5,4,3,2,1, days.  I am overtly excited to share my SS2012 picks from all of my designer love bugs ─prada, d&g, moschino “cheap and chic and diane von furstenburg!  Happy Saturday! 


gum drops

Lately the weather has been quite confusing, last month our rain consumption was torrential for may; to the point I had to question, “what month are we in?” Now that june has arrived, it seems this soaking trend is following once again. “Could it be the lack of snowflakes we didn’t receive this winter?”, “maybe!”, but it sparks my need for something I haven’t owned since, I’d say, high school ─rain boots!  Which gumdrop shade would you splash in?


flat foot

Ah, j.crew has once again tantalized me with their copious display of ballet flats. These charming flats bring me back to my childhood days as a prima ballerina, but with a colorful, no strings attached twist.  If I had one stylish wish it would be to receive each pair individually boxed and prettified with a whimsy bow, placed on my doorstep, with a powder pink note attached that reads: “to: beenalabella…love, the crew” Hey, a girl can dream big


sugar coated

While most are experimenting with glitter polish on their nails, I am aiming in another direction─ my toes! Their hidden 3 out of 4 seasons, why not adorn them in shimmer for their grand appearance this summer. Add a glittered tropical deep sea hue, and you will have the prettiest pedi in town, defining the true meaning of ─twinkle toes!  Which color would you coat your toes with?


citrus kiss

My Avon representative days have finally come to an end, but I couldn't say good-bye without stocking up on some of the indispensable products. One in particular, is the skin so soft: soft indulgences collection (4 for $12.99 set, $35 value). This citrus-scented combo has such a cool, invigorating and energizing aroma. It comes with a body mist, two body gel crèmes and one shower gel. Talk about a hot deal, right in time for the hot season to come. I can already imagine myself with a sun kissed tan, coated with this alluring staple as my signature summer scent. 


balm baby

I am in the mood to paint my lips in something, let’s say─ bright and crayolish! I have seen the clinique chubby sticks lip balm ($16), on the market for quite some time, and always desired to try them. The colors are super enticing, and it contains moisture boosters such as mango and shea butter, which will leave your puckers soft and smooth. The sticks come in an assortment of bubblegum shades, and since their launch in 2011, they have added 8 new shades to the collection.  So, now I think it is time to invest!  Have you purchased any of the chubby shades? If so, I would love to hear your feedback J


just beachy

Summer will officially begin in 18 days [June 20, 2012] and I am already catching the style wave. Although I embrace high def color all year round, the warm climate calls for sun kissed hues. Like most fashion bloggers, I’ve splashed together a collage of my balmy beach picks for the season to come. What’s on your fun in the sun list?


jelly feet

This past mother’s day, my little sister, kiyana, got me these adorable neon pink jelly sandals from aeropastle. When I first saw them, I was like “these look very similar to a designer pair I had seen”, but I could not reference who the designer was and where I had seen the playful footwear. My first thought was, marc jacobs [my love], because of the colorful letter logo in the insole of the sandal. However, I was wrong; I was recently looking through the June/July 2011 teen vogue issue and flipped to a page that displayed exactly my indication. The mystery label was Italian fashion house─ fendi, I remember when I first laid eyes on them; I was utterly in love, the neon tangerine shade was so fun and electrifying. Thanks sis for my summer essential J.


colour invite

[teen vogue's editor -in- chief, amy astley, sofa in her nyc office]

[kate spade instagram photo]

[ kate spade instagram photo]

I am currently seeking some dramatic highlights for my apartment. So far, I have succeeded with a classic outline─ a comfy vintage couch, antique dining room set, white TV stands (living room and bedroom), 60’s style, pale yellow iridescent lamps, with cream colored shades and a stainless steel bedroom set and desk. I found some inspirational photos that I am using as a blueprint for my next purchase(s). Of course, they will contain a winning element of mine ─Colour! What décor looks are you considering?


bella vs russo

Vogue's Japan editor, anna dello russo, is bringing her opulent style wits to an h&m near you this coming fall, October 4, 2012 to be approximate.  The iconic editor will be pairing with h&m on an accessory line that emulates her own precious baubles. During the first look video via fashionista, anna takes you on an exquisite tour of her home, and teases us (well me) with her unrivaled accessory collection. Being that lately I've felt the need to embellish my own, I thought to myself (after viewing the video), why not create some congenial competition with russo? (though we already know who will win). So, I snapped a shot of my sparkly trinkets, minus the fabulous home spread.


crew love

I love all things j.crew!  In my imaginary world of color, mixed prints and patterns, I see myself flaunting cleverly in each look addressed above/below, but on a one -week basis imagery. Clearly knowing that if I stretch this fantasy any longer, reality would soon interrupt (not seeing these covetable pieces in my closet). I've always had a vivid imagination, though something’s I may not have yet, (and I emphasis on yet), I truly believe all things are possible, it's never displeasing to create a world of wants. My mom is a big believer in this as well, she will find a designer look and duplicate it in the most ingenious way, only difference is her look is much more price sufficient,(vintage shops) she goes by the cheap is chic motto, and of course her daughter is an advocate as well. Digressing forward, I see myself clad in each look from sunday to saturday, so I labeled my choices by my personal feelings for each day.

sundaywhen I am not singing in the choir (which requires a uniformed attire), this would be the perfect spring look for church, clean and acceptable, illustrating style but keeping it graceful

mondaythis specific day of the week we all dread, but with a practical color-block get up, you’re bound to start the week off sleek and neat 

tuesday: by now I am in a work state-of-mind and feeling a bit classy with a speck of quirky

wednesday: the middle of the week is usually a suffice time to feel relaxed and functional, and this look demonstrates both

thursday: ah, the day before tgif, by now I am pondering what my weekend holds, and my ensemble is visually verbalizing slouchy pastel glam

friday: can someone say, casual Friday!, well not quite, though my denim button-down shirt is a tailored example of just that, my striped skirt is luminously fetching

saturday: a day of comfort paired with cutesy, loose but lush, the leopard shorts are a stylish staple for the most unwinding day of the week


monroe suite

Some of the smallest spaces are the most intimate places. I've had my turquoise polka dot and multi-colored stripe bathroom set for some time now (purchased from target a year ago) and I just added my final touch of classic glam. My triple-faced (andy warhol replica) marilyn monroe portrait (also, target) displays the perfect splash for a bathing delight. On to my next bathroom venture, I am on the whim of dressing my guest/daughters bathroom in a mirror image of mine, but with chocolate shades, showered with gum ball colored polka dots (a gift from my lovely little sister, see below). You would think an area that only involves seconds or minutes of use would not need such decorative maintenance, but it creates a welcoming ambiance (especially to a guest). My fondness for bath decor commenced from my grandmother, growing up she would revamp the bathroom by season but always with upbeat hues. It was so refreshing to see a sundry of looks each time I stepped into one of the smallest yet cheerful spaces on earth. images below: brown/multi-colored polka dot bathroom set and  striped shower curtain, target


conceal it

'Age before beauty' they say. Well recently, I have discovered a slight sign of aging under my eyes, faint dark circles and minimal fine creased lines (smiley face fine). I know, I am only 29 and I look 19 to some but that doesn't mean under my eyes always will. In addition, studies say that under the eyes are the first prospects of aging, hence the slew of anti-aging under-eye-creams. Nevertheless, let’s count down the many reasons why this could be oh so' suddenly happening. 

1). my lack of sleep, I constantly feel the need to work at night (house cleaning etc.), when I already work full-time during the day. Either, I am staying up surfing the net or watching a show that truly is watching me (because my thoughts are elsewhere) 2). My food intake─ you are what you eat? or what you eye? In my case I have to start interrogating my diet─, Is it healthy? What nutrients does it include? Is it beneficial to my skin? (more healthy skin details here) 3).The simple fact that I will be 30 this year, which is a sophisticated turning point in my life, kiss the carefree 20’s goodbye and embrace the thriving 30’s. And, 4). It's hereditary! Something's are just truly passed on, that is what makes us each genetically unique. With that being said, this calls for a search for the next best concealer. 

Presently using M.A.C select moisture cover, I recently observed that it tends to sink in my creases, giving me an unfinished look, as if I forgot to evenly blend. Therefore, I am on the verge of something new. I researched a couple of my beauty brands-of-choice and provided some details on the significance of each one, but I am going to need your (decision-making) help!


pencil sharp

The fit of a garment can make or break your look. About 6 months ago a good friend of mine {Ebony} had some pencil skirts given to her that weren't the right fit, me being consignment chic, I was more than happy to take the unfitting weight off of her. The skirts were exactly my type, since around that time I was coveting the j.crew pencil skirts in the fall 2011 catalog. However, I cannot elaborate on the skirts without revealing a small detailed secret about the present fit. OK, so instead of cleaning my skirts the instructed way (dry cleaning), I decided to wash them at home (not the best idea). I took them out of the  washing machine and noticed that the liners were longer than the hems. I was appalled and extremely indecisive on keeping them because I thought I had ruined them for good. (Did I forget to mention that I recently lost some weight, and the skirts were a tad big in the waist before my cleaning mishap? "OK, maybe I did!"). Well my fairy garment-mother was on my side; I tried the skirts on for a final fitting and noticed that they were exactly true to my current size, (a little shrinking action did wonders). I had the liners fixed and Viola!, two seasons and one cleaning malfunction later, I was finally ready to sharpen my look pencil sharp!  (Check out my double rendition of each look, I wore this past week below).   image above: j.crew fall 2011 catalog, courtesy of camille styles

monday: Gap purple and white gingham button down shirt, blueberry blue pencil skirt,betsey johnson leopard & diamonds watch, forever 21 and h&m bracelets 
tuesday: mossimo olive green v-neck cardigan, cranberry pencil skirt, american eagle bronze metal & multi-diamond choker, both paired with mossimo leopard flats


wishlist 2012

Now that we're 4/12 into the new year, I can’t help but mentally prepare a list of all my materialistic wants (ok, I could have thought of a better term, but that’s kind of what it is right?). Wishing forward, I’ve had my eyes on a savvy pair of tortoise print eyeglasses for quite sometime, ever since I purchased my black chloe pair a year ago. I technically only need them for reading, but those small moments deserve a wink of style and versatility. When it comes to my pout, I’ve been craving for a new shade. Currently owning three vivacious pink hues; it’s now time to paint my lips with a pop of bright coral. On the other hand, my wrist has begun to covet a gold face. My square face, pink diamond trimmed rose gold betsey johnson watch(one of my priceless investments) needs a new bff, so what better than my second favorite designer ─ marc jacobs. And to finalize my  list of wishes and wants, the perfect classic and durable staple; an all American handbag─coach madison sophia satchel in black leather with gold accents.  So, now that I shared mine, I’d love to hear yours; what's on your wishlist for 2012?



tribal treat

Ever went into a store for one thing and walked out with another (several things)? pretty sure we all have. Well, I did not exactly walk out with the extra things, but I snapped some photos of them for sharing purposes. With the intentions of checking out of target (my second visit this week), I spotted these adorable tropical tribal print strapless sundresses. I have noticed a sporadic sprinkle of Aztec prints popping up this season. Yesterday when I fetched my precious flats, (previous post) I came across these punchy Aztec flats, but unfortunately, they did not have my size. The dresses were an immediate reminder and stirred up this beloved post. below: dresses ea. $24.99 , flats $14.99 and h&m sunglasses $9.95, above: teen vogue May issue hot tropic spread.

shoe box

Yesterday I snatched up two pair of affordably classic mossimo flats from target. In need of a quick shoe fix (for the office), I made it my task to use my lunch break as a foot- fetish- fishing moment (try saying that rapidly three times).  Each was a reasonable $14.99, which summed up what I actually wanted to spend. The leopard pair was an instant pick-me-up, who could resist a funky flat that pretty much can be paired with any hue. The black patent pair was a basic attraction, the chicest one of the bunch. I plan to couple these comfy cuties, with a clever pencil skirt. The weather has not been quite consistent with spring temps, so when we do have an expectancy of warmth, it calls for sleek yet cool attire. 


style play

I have to confess, I only watch football during Super Bowl season, the raging excitement of rooting for your favorite team, planning super fun SB parties, preparing a deli-inspired menu, and let’s not overlook  the rocking half -time performances (Madonna and Nicki Minaj will be taking center stage this year), each make the once a year cheer worth it! But let’s not single out the valid reason for this post─ Style; I imagine we all can agree, that attending a Super Bowl party calls for a quick comfy yet cool number. If you’re a diehard football fan, you may go for the midriff jersey (team of choice) and a relaxed pair of jeans, balanced with sporty kicks. Or if you’re a gal like me who doesn’t have a team preference, and just loves the idea of looking effortlessly adorable─ basic tee (graphic is an option), skinny jeans, and height-boosting wedged booties (what can I say, I’m 5’o ), zested with electric accessories; will certainly endorse you on the winning team. imagenicki minaj, stupid *** music video clip
  *what will be your score play look for Super Bowl 2012?    


wallet shop

Basic black is now an ex-factor when it pertains to my wallet.  Jelly bean coated hues are popping up in all aspects of chic, giving a hint of Willy Wonka tints. Currently on a quest for a brighter cover-up for my money; I’ve begun my search for the next colored wallet, preferably Pink! (but I’m flexible to multi-shades with poppy patterns). Durability and quality are  major considerations; I want my wallet to outlast my purse and not the reverse. Of course I had to gather a sample of my springy loves─ bubblegum pink -Kate Spade, Gumbi Green -Ralph Lauren and Lemonhead yellow- Marc by Marc Jacobs