monroe suite

Some of the smallest spaces are the most intimate places. I've had my turquoise polka dot and multi-colored stripe bathroom set for some time now (purchased from target a year ago) and I just added my final touch of classic glam. My triple-faced (andy warhol replica) marilyn monroe portrait (also, target) displays the perfect splash for a bathing delight. On to my next bathroom venture, I am on the whim of dressing my guest/daughters bathroom in a mirror image of mine, but with chocolate shades, showered with gum ball colored polka dots (a gift from my lovely little sister, see below). You would think an area that only involves seconds or minutes of use would not need such decorative maintenance, but it creates a welcoming ambiance (especially to a guest). My fondness for bath decor commenced from my grandmother, growing up she would revamp the bathroom by season but always with upbeat hues. It was so refreshing to see a sundry of looks each time I stepped into one of the smallest yet cheerful spaces on earth. images below: brown/multi-colored polka dot bathroom set and  striped shower curtain, target

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