fall black,

Summer officially closes shop tomorrow and the fall takes its good mark. Fashion Week in New York is in lieu and the chic black attires are full force. I was on Chictopia.com, the ultimate personal style destination, when I found this edgy yet posh get-up. It’s the idyllic starter look for a fall to remember. In addition, check out the vintage pair of Jeffrey Campbell lace up boots that mirrored this look. 


light beam,

Paper lightening has been my main attraction lately. I was in Michaels over the weekend and seen so many styles, particularly by Martha Stewart, that enthused my aesthetic.  IKEA happened to have a dandelion inspired, Maskros Pendant Lamp, that mirrored my muse and I am loving it. After researching this whimsy masterpiece, I found a site that captured all the various rooms that delighted there space with this pretty light fixture, click here.


flatten up,


One fall accessory I cannot step out without is a chic flat. One that pairs well with slacks or a pencil skirt. I usually ooh and awe over J.Crew flats, but I have found some runner-ups. Kate Spade has a pair of luxe leopard flats with a tassel and RED Valentina blossomed a power pink pair of flats with mini floral embellishments. Both are worth adding some prep in my step. 


marc hue,



Not only am I loving Marc Jacobs Beauty make-up, but his hi-shine nail polish hues are just as electrifying. Fall does not require dark tones at all times, a hi-def hue can be upbeat and chic. I like pairing cheeky colors with mixed patterns and prints, which I plan on wearing a lot of this autumn. And it would be nice to incorporate a Marc nail hue. visit www.sephora.com for more shades. 

1. opaque chartreuse yellow
2. opaque muted hot pink
3. mandarin orange
4. opaque eggplant purple 


botanical garden,

Floral prints are sprouting up everywhere in head to toe looks; and I am loving it. RED Valentino designed an enchanting taffeta party dress that would bloom in any room, while Acne arranged a garden chic pump to follow. If I had to attend a floral festival, I would not mind pairing the two, both prints are complimentable. 


coat check,

Earlier today, I posted a photo of a shabby chic pink coat and black pointy toe pumps courtesy of designer Milly Smith on my instagram (@beenalabella_com). This fashionable image stirred my winter mood. I was scouting shopbop.com (once again) for some coat selections when I came across their lookbook titled, color coated. The three looks captured were all mixed with three rudiments: color, layering, and feminine sparkle. I always pick looks I could see myself clad in, and these three would definitely be on my check list. 


sunny side,

Even on the gloomiest days, color can brighten your day.  Yellow is one of those tones that lifts your spirits and stimulates your inner cheerfulness. I was on Urbanoutfitters.com and saw two bathroom accessories that complimented my color subject. The daisy mat was super dainty and girlish, while the zigzag shower curtain displays my love for patterns.


bag bouquet,

My floral infatuation has extended into the fall season. I am looking for accessories and garments that capture autumn flower tones. In addition, I would not mind carrying a bouquet around to complete my look, well not an actual bouquet but a bag inspired by my new love. I found two soft envelope clutch bags by Sophie Hulme. I couldn't decide on just one flower style, so I picked two, either way I found my bag bouquet. 

1. Sophie Hulme floral clutch envelope bag
2. Sophie Hulme floral-printed convertible clutch bag


line up,

With seasonal change comes seasonal make-up. Summer palettes are brighter and glowy while fall hues are darker, edgier and more polished. I happen to be a fan of exaggerated eyeliner, natural or cat-eye works for me. The fall 2013 runway captured both looks, and I’m ready to line up my eye lids in lieu of it all. 

photos courtesy of: www.swide.com
image 1: D Squared
image 2: Lanvin 


gatsby girl,


Last night I watched the Great Gatsby movie and fell instantaneously in love with Daisy’s character. However, what enthralled me the most was her style; 1920's glamour girl and debutante. Her stunning headpieces topped her look and Shopbop.com has a headpiece that was just as charming as Daisy’s. The Enchanted Atelier contessa luxe crystal headpiece, with mesh inset is perfect for channeling my inner Gatsby girl. 


sweat her,

As if the fall could not get any closer to approaching, the drop in temperature only speeds up my enthusiasm for it. This week I received most of my September issue magazines and oh boy am I ready to layer up. FarFetch.com was my fashion destination this evening and I found two cheeky sweaters that would be the supreme cover-up, paired with distressed jeans or print trousers. The Kenzo sweater happened to be my favorite, let’s just say we have an initial in common; K isn't just for Kenzo!


organize it,


So I have a confession to make; I am much more organized at work than I am at home. I have tried to dissect this observation; only to blame my percentage of time spent at work greater than my time spent at home. However, it is time to clean up shop. After visiting my #1 home d├ęcor site IKEA, I found a super cute pink desk set. Which consist of a letter tray, wastebasket, pencil cup and my favorite desk accessory of all, a magazine file set, which will be brilliant for when I am researching my fashion subjects. Now, all that is left for me to do is; get organized!.


indian summer,

a. b.


Today felt like September, it was a cool breeze, but still had a bit of summer warmth underlying. I started feeling intensified excitement for fall, and even expressed this feeling to my co-workers who completely agreed. We reminisced about how we felt on the first day of school, rocking a new look. So without a doubt, I gathered some cool accessories to match today’s temp, while in the spirit of Indian summer.

a. Chroma Cube Box Clutch
b. Rapture Shades
c. Copperhead Necklace 


natural state,

I'm loving the progression my hair is taking during its natural transition. One natural hair brand that I desire to invest in all of their products is the Shea Moisture line.  After attending a natural hair event a couple of months ago, I have had two items on my purchase list. The Shea Moisture-Moisture Rich hair dye (jet black) and Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque (which we received small samples in our gift bags from the event). I can’t wait to see what my one year (hair growth) mark looks like, in the mean time, I am in a natural state of mind. 


coat tale,

I love a bright colored coat in the fall, it cheers up your style and mood, and this fall I am looking in a lengthy direction. My yearly choice tends to be a mid-length coat, but I decided to extend the look with an ankle/knee length warmer in neon-jeweled tones.

a.  Paul Smith Coats - Neon Pink 
b.  LUCAS NASCIMENTO Collarless cocoon coat


fashion tribute,

DVF is one of my adored designers; her flattering prints and feminine approach to fashion is what keeps women wanting more. Back in June I highlighted the oh so chic wrap dress by DVF, here. To my surprise, MatchFashion.com is paying homage to this classic fit with a style report/interview, read here. According to MatchFashion’s spotlight, the wrap dress will be making its 40-year mark next year; wow how time flies.  So in honor of the ladylike number, I picked three DVF dresses all inspired by black and white hues.


candle pop,

I am big on aromatic candles and Jonathan Alders Pop Scented Candle collection vary from rustic tomato to citrus orange, and some ebullient scents in-between.  I feel the smell of your home speaks to your guest and who wouldn't want a cheerful aroma to do the greeting. Check out the Alders punchy scents and the wonderful blends that helped create them. 

Available at: www.horchow.com

Tomato: blend of rhubarb, tomato leaves, basil, crushed thyme, and sandalwood.
Earl Grey: blend of black tea leaves, citrus, yuzu, jasmine, Earl Grey, and sandalwood.
Grapefruit: blend of pink grapefruit, white grapefruit rind, green vine accords, pink freesia, and passion fruit.
Watercress: blend of cucumber, lime, watercress, garden mint, and cypress wood.
Bubble gum: the sugary scents of pink bubble gum.
Orange: blend of juicy Mandarin oranges and papayas plucked at the peak of their ripeness, lush greens, lemon water, and a hint of Clementine.


bangle mix,


Oh how I love accessories! One of my preferred places to shop for trendy arm baubles is Forevr21. I love mixing my bangles up, combining sparkly, colored and gold finishes into one chic arm concoction. I’ve been taken by the tribal and geometric prints this season, its gives an eccentric flair to your wrist and style.  And is a nice finishing touch to the summers closing looks. 


fall scent,

One of my favorite details of a fashion/beauty magazine is the perfume ads. Not only is it updating me on what is new; the scents are super beguiling. I was discussing with my co-workers yesterday how I would love to stock up on fall perfumes, and one flawless scent was Viva la Juicy Noir. It's injected with warm notes of ripe berry and sandalwood, a perfect scent for the season of layering.


step up,

My fashion editor style is setting in, this time within my stride. I came across these preppy faux patent leather pumps by Stella McCartney (available at theoutnet.com), which comes in sand and orange hues. The feature that stands out the most is the Perspex heel; it gives the shoe a retro appearance. What would I pair with these polished numbers? A print tweed pencil skirt or trousers topped with a solid colored button down; either way, it would prompt me to step up my shoe game. 


summer dress,

It’s now August and summer is coming to a close. I have to say, it was more of a productive one than a fun one (beaches, bbq’s etc.). I was browsing Need Supply Co. site and found two dresses that would be wonderful for the end of summer blues. Each frock has a balmy aesthetic; which look would you be caught soaking up the final days of summer sun in?

1. Guiding light dress
2. Collard dress in ferns


pattern play,

IKEA has the most quirky and colorful textiles. Whether used to create plush pillows or cushions these prints are worth the play. IKEA named its textile section “not for the color shy”; which I am anything but; I deem myself an advocate of color, it cheers up my spirit. It is cool to switch up your decor scheme for the new season, and these “brave, bold, and bight-with a little psychedelic twist” patterns, as IKEA would call it, will help you do just that.

visit www.ikea.com for more textile looks