sound bite: rude style

Ri Ri has hit the style note once again, this time she’s a startling soprano. Her new music video Rude Boy which aired 2/10/10- alludes an early 90’s eccentric Caribbean vibe entangled with figure-defining motifs, wild prints─ an abstract playground of bubblegum hues. Opposite the provocative lyrics and sultry dance moves, she tackles all that is fashionably fetching─, thigh high boots, skin-tight leggings, midriff –tops, over-sized accessories, theatrical coifs and racy one –pieces. The Barbadian princess channels a flirty- yet -certain demeanor by letting the guys know what she ─ want want want!


beauty index: viva la Gaga

Faces behind the Cause -Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga

Pucker up ladies for a new lip shade that’s sure to leave you goggling for Gaga. M.A.C cosmetics whipped up a new limited edition VIVA GLAM lipstick, branded after pop phenom ─Lady Gaga. Its features are a“high lustre finish and cool blue-pink shade”; every purchase of this sprightly tint goes to the M-A-C fund for the support of the continuous battle against HIV/AIDS. Gaga told Marie Claire in its March 2010 issue that the hue was implicated by one of M.A.C's very own lip colours ─ "I use to wear this MAC color called Pink Nouveau, but I tweaked it to make it my own. When you layer it, it's as dark as Pink Nouveau, but when you put it on sheer,it's really good for every day"─Gaga tells MC. Gaga is linked alongside 80’s style chameleon ─Cyndi Lauper in the VIVA GLAM campaign. The famed duo is making a glamorous statement- for -cause with every trace and looking Viva la Fabulous while doing so.

MAC lipstick in Viva Glam Gaga US $14.00


5 valentine's day ideas

Dear Guys ,

Roses are red , violets are blue, surprise your honey with something NEW. Valentine's Day is only a heartbeat away, awe the lady in your life with a tantalizing Valentine's Day treat. When doing so keep in mind what she likes , knowing is half the battle, smile!. Every women has a preference, there's the Cinema Cutie- she likes romantic flicks and a cuddle friendly scenery, the Fragrance lover - she delights in sweet aromas and flirty scents, the Diamond Dreamer- she rejoices in being draped in the most precious stone, the Spa Sweetie -she's all about being beautified with a little relaxation and pampering and last but not heartbreakingly least ,the Helpless Romantic - a fresh bouquet of pretty stems along with creamy milk chocolates -Ok , now that you have the V-day ideas, make like cupid and steal her heart.-Happy Valentines Day!