lip locked,

Pink lipstick is one shade that looks lovely on any skin tone. My first pink lipstick was a gift from my aunt; it was MAC Viva Glam Gaga, which is a soft, frosty bubblegum pink, with a matte finish. I had just blogged about the (then new) lip color (here) and a couple of days later, I owned it; we’ve been inseparable since. If you viewed any of my social network sites, you will see that in 99% of my photos, my lips are shaded with Viva Glam Gaga. Which explains this post; my love for pink lips has gone from my face to my furnishing. And, I can honestly say my family supports this allure. After expressing how much I adored a pink lip mirror and lipstick lamp, my sister surprised me with both. Now I am on a collectors search for two more items that fit my fixation. 


adorn thee,

I remember back in 2001, when I attend Nassau Community College, I took a Fashion Merchandising course and I had a project on accessories. My vision for this assignment was taking a simple black dress and illustrating four various ways to accessorize it, giving the dress an innovative style each time. My final look involved an act of patriotism, during this time the tragic September 11 occurrence had just taken place and New York City was compassionately piecing itself back together. In tribute to 911, I accessorized my fourth look with a red denim jacket, adorned with an American flag chiffon scarf.  I dedicated the “look of HOPE” (which just came to me now as I write this), to that unforgettable day. Looking on the bright side, I aced my project and it stimulated my love for accessorizing; and how a simple scarf can do wonders.  I singled out a couple of Manhattan inspired scarves with just the right touch of urban print. 


face it,

Beauty Base? Well that’s not exactly what BB stands for but it has an effective touch. BB cream seems to be the new ubiquitous treatment for skin care lovers like myself. Every magazine I flip through has at least one (or two) pages advertising this “must have” product and I am inquiring to find out what all the facial fuss is about. I did some research (facts are always better than fiction) and Sephora.com summed it up, in a 3-step clarification. Likewise, I found an Allure award-winning BB candidate, Garnier Skin Renew Miracle skin perfector (brightens, renews, evens tone, hydrates, protects with vitamin C and mineral pigments)  and I think it may get my vote (purchase) as well!

BB fact images, via www.sephora.com , shop BB creams


frame work,

Two years ago when I purchased my black Chloé eyeglasses; while picking them up I seen the cleverest Marc Jacobs tortoise shell frames, but it was too late to exchange. Two years later and an overdue eye exam; I am still coveting that illustrious style. The tortoise shell print, to me, has such a smart appearance, and I am not alone on this view, Prada spring 2013 collection outlined its models in daisy embellished black and tortoise eyewear, which screamed, flower power! (here).  Like any other item I am fancying, I found a couple of probable styles that would work perfectly on my round frame. 


chic reads,

This week I read a quote that corresponded with my inclination to broaden my knowledge on fashion history.  It read: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young” –Henry Ford. As a fashion writer, I feel that research is critical, innovative ideas are a must, and knowing the past only solidifies the future.  The two books I had on my collectors list are; Nostalgia Vogue: The perfect reference for any fashion forward individual, “Extraordinary images. Exceptional stories. Authors, artist, and celebrities reflect on the defining photographic moments from 80 years in Vogue and the evocative memories they inspire”- via Vogue Magazine, and Grace, A Memoir: devoted to the life story of the Creative Director of Vogue, Grace Coddington, who I admire for her extraordinarily chic editorials and witty, candid, yet humble demeanor (via my observation in “The September Issue” documentary). I look forward to purchasing each book with a fresh insight. 


fashionably loud,

Lately my daydreams have been running full course.  Most are aware of my future aspirations via instagram, facebook or just by reading my blog, but there is always a slight detail omitted, not everything is suppose to be publicized. Though, in some cases it never hurts to the let the external world into your internal world (hopes, dreams and visions). One of my reoccurring whims that I’ve been envisioning; is me walking the New York City pavements dressed in a posh yet breezy get up, wearing a pair of  trendy headphones in a bright hue (to tone out the city noise and create my own soundtrack),while promoting my darling blog to future readers. Without reluctance, I made it my task to start looking for the headphones of my “daydreams”.


matte me,


We all have a winning feature that we adulate, mine happens to be my almond shaped eyes; my pouty lips rank 2nd place. However, being that I did mention my indication to go natural in the face (here), I deem my 2nd best feature requires some pulsating color!  With the spring marching in, a collection of bright shades would be a savvy way to bring in the budding season. After researching several matte lipstick brands, I narrowed it down to my top four.  
  1. NEW Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick
  2. Covergirl Lip Perfection
  3. NARS Pure Matte Lipstick
  4. M.A.C Lipstick  


wonder land,

As I was contemplative on what stylish subject to display this week, I recollected my love for the refreshing C. Wonder collection. Their Kelly green doors were the identical hue of my Express dress (here) that I wore over the weekend to my co-worker’s Panamanian theme birthday party.  As a result, I made it my style assignment to elaborate.  Lets see; what is there not to love about C. Wonder? It’s as if J.crew and Kate Spade wedded and birthed a chic little wonder.  Their choice of springy colors, spontaneous patterns, gold trimmings, and casual cool finishes, all embodied into an extensive array of accessories, home décor, and clothing; make C. Wonder a label worth the wonder. While selecting my picks, I put myself in the trance of an editor preparing to cover a fashion show, so my preferences were a mix of comfort, luxury and whimsy, with a bang of color!


color code,

Fall 2013 fashion week reached its final closing last night, and I could not disregard the connection in hues that each of my darling designers shared. Metallic bronze, gold, brown, and black clad the models with pure chicness! Each designer captured the swanky color palette with individuality. Marc Jacobs glamorized the casual pajama and for his youthful line he embodied the lushness of the 70’s.  Kate Spade executed the New York City mood with posh and prim edge and Diane von Furstenberg donned her models in fur and burnished prints. But enough style commentary, I’d rather show than tell!

Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs 

Kate Spade New York

Diane von Furstenberg

visit www.style.com for all designer shows 


dream space,

My home is totally where my heart is; my love for fashion exudes all over my eggshell coated walls and my collection of wall art is what gives my apartment personality.  Ever since I was blessed with such a lovely space, I’ve had daily dreams of how I would decorate it. From my bookcase that I would use not so much for books, but to organize my endless stack of fashion and beauty magazines (visual post coming soon), to the black and white picture frames that I would fill with fashion editorial clips, and a potential zebra area rug that would be the centerpiece of my rectangular living room.  I believe that when you walk into ones home, you should instantaneously sense their character, the décor should tell their story, without words, and the only utter you should hear is, Welcome!


say satchel,

I would like to thank my younger sister (once again) for gifting me my black patent leather, Cambridge H&M satchel because it was on my fall “craving” list for quite some time. Now it’s sought-after as the “It” bag by every stylista in tinsel town.  After reading an article in Glamour magazine, titled; “A VIP bag just for you”, I knew that my appetite for the chicest bag on the market was simply irresistible. As I selected my much-admired satchel picks, I took versatility and compactness into deliberation; I labeled each one with a style personality.  


super natural,

Less is best when it comes to makeup, and I am starting to deem this principle more than ever.  I use to be an enthusiast of colored eyelids and bright blushes, but now it seems like the neutrals are calling!  Warm shades of brown, bronze, tan and taupe have made their way into my daily makeup palette.  I’ve started my research for natural cover up and bronzer; I even added my eyebrows to the list, definition is everything. However, I must disclose, just because I am going natural in the face, doesn’t mean my lips can’t have a taste of color! 


leg work,

While I would rather be covering all my superlative designer choices at fall fashion week 2013, I can still cogitate and make known what is noteworthy to me.  Lucky magazine’s March 2013 issue was the grand source in this post. “The lucky Guide to Shoes! featured a stunning model garbed in a look that I would love to make “all mine”; wearing the most opulent turquoise green Gucci ankle-strap sandals, here, that would make the ground fall in love with every step.  I’ve always been a lover of ankle-strap shoes; my notion behind this style; it flatters your legs, giving them a curvy contour.  This spring I plan to rip the runway (streets) of NYC strapped in style.


be mine,

Valentine’s Day is making its way into our hearts in nearly 11 days, and while most girls are anticipating a dozen red long stem roses (preferably pink for me), a box of Godiva chocolates, or to have a romantic rendezvous with the one they love. I had another idea in mind; creating my personal “be mine” beauty list that clearly says, “pamper me” rather than edible or blooming.


dear teen vogue,

Teen Vogue’s first issue debuted in February/March 2003, which was a wonderful year for me because I gave birth to my beautiful, artistic and energetic daughter, Layla, four months later (so we definitely have something marvelous in common). I started collecting their issues in 2005 and have not stopped since. The compact size, playful colors, practical content and innovative fashion are what grasped my attention. From that moment, my love for the magazine had surfaced. If you are a new reader to my blog, let me just say, I truly adore Teen Vogue and I have three post that illustrate this here, here, and here. Today I would like to join the celebration by wishing the Teen Vogue dream team a Happy 10 years and much continued success in publishing.

visit www.teenvogue.com for the March 2013 issue “Celebrating 10 Stylish years!” with cover star Chloë Grace Moretz.


hang time,

Stocking up on accessories is certainly on my to-do list this year. One accessory in mind is a sparkly drop earring. I started collecting my mixture of drop earrings in December 2012. H&M had such a great selection (on sale not to mention), that I was left snatching up every pair that twinkled my eye; which lead to this post because I am still on the pursuit for more. My Target: bright hues, excessive shine and just the right length to flatter my features. I even played up how I wear them; I went for an informal take. I paired my H&M rhinestone, deep teal and lime-green stone drop earrings with a stripped button down, fitted slacks and velvet bow flats. The earrings gave my style a resplendent finish. Which drop earring would embellish your look?