dream weaver

FP Feather “Lipstick” purse - $250

Handbag designer ─Joe Charles creator of Foxcrow Philosophy, proves dreams really do come true with ─persistence, perseverance and an undying passion.


beauty index: pretty scary

Founder of KissandMakeup Artistry-Natasha Jenkins

Trick or treat, smell my feet , give me something good to see?─ fill up your treat bags with a variety of spooktacular looks , created by celebrity make-up artist ─Natasha Jenkins founder of KissandMakeup Artistry. Natasha has worked with a selection of notable musical artist such as ─Chrisette Michelle, Juelz Santana and 50 Cent to name a few. Her artistic flair has enabled her to exhibit a work- of- art on thy face. This Halloween let’s covet our inner creepy character, fairytale vixen or twilight villain ─with a little help from KissandMakeup Artistry- Happy Halloween!

Look # 1 : Puppeteer-she’s a living doll, no strings attached [Natasha Jenkins]

Look # 2 : Black Tears-whoever broke her heart will regret it

Look # 3: Vampire - have a blood sucking good time replicating this look

For bookings email Natasha Jenkins @ info@kissandmakeupartistry.com


print work: pick me up prints

Fashion magazines aren't the only run-to- resource for coveted looks and do-it-yourself advice. The new books on the block are filled with content accessible for all. Get research ready and stock up on these four coffee table necessities.

1.Teen Vogue Handbook-insiders guide to careers in fashion -over 70 interviews with designers, models, photographers and editors -Featuring Marc Jacobs, Karl lagerfield, Chanel Iman, Anna Wintour along with Teen Vogue Editors and many more $14.58 www.amazon.com

candy coated

Cover up in crayola hues, the seasonal change calls for a tip from the good ole color wheel.

green delias emma hooded toggle coat $69.50 www.delias.com

blueberry forever 21 wool blend dress coat $49.80 www.forever21.com

orange hooded button detail coat $135.00 www.topshop.com

  purple american eagle warm peacoat $119.50 http://www.ae.com/


I dream of teen

Teen Vogue Event with chic attendees

We’ve all dreamed of one day meeting our favorite designer, model, actress or musician not knowing that all it takes is for you to be in the right place, at the right time. Saturday October 17, 2009 marks the date my dreams came true. Luxe department store Bergdorf Goodman located on 5th avenue at 58th street in New York City ─held the Teen Vogue and Marc by Marc Jacobs shopping event which featured psychic readings, raffles, gifts with purchase, servings of sweet treats and (drum roll please) a chance to meet the Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue -Amy Astley, along with Teen Vogue Editors featured in the new─ Teen Vogue Handbook:  an insider’s guide to careers in fashion.


think fink

Fashion stylist/style director of Who What Wear-Angela Fink

Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I see tonight, I wish I may , I wish I might, have the LOOK I wish tonight! ─Now I know this may seem a little far-fetched and just a bit fictitious but wouldn’t it be grand if we could all have a fairy –garment mother?,one that would sprinkle us with a dazzling dust of glitz and glam. Celebrity Fashion stylist and style director of Who What Wear.comAngela fink─ just might be our savior. Beena la Bella converses with the West Hollywood stylist as she reveals the life behind the look.

BLB: What inspired you into the world of fashion/stylist?
AF: What has inspired me most into the world of fashion has to be the ladies of my life my mom and both of my grandma’s I mean they couldn’t leave the house until everything was prefect! The shoes, the jewelry, the bag it was as if it was apart of them and if it wasn’t right they couldn’t leave the house until it was. That’s when I knew that not only did I love fashion but I loved the art of putting certain pieces together. My grandma had a shop in a small town in Illinois called “Ruthanna’s Fashion” she had the best costume jewelry and I still have some of the pieces in my vintage closet. My mom travels with my dad to different places all over and I tell her what I am looking for as far as vintage and she sends me these amazing vintage care packages!

BLB: Did you go to school for fashion?
AF: Yes, I went to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising here in Los Angeles. My major is Fashion Design and having my own line is something that I have in the works as well as still styling, I like to keep busy.

BLB: How would you describe your styling techniques and what would you say is the overall look?
AF: Every job and every client is different, what I usually do is design an image or concept for that particular client or shoot I usually do that by making an inspiration collage, I do this with every story and every client. It helps to show your vision to the glam squad that you will be working closely with such as photographers, make-up artist, hair and the client themselves. It also helps me stay focus on what I am trying to share with the reader like forecasting trends, showing new designers and showing how you can put things together and make it work that you wouldn’t necessarily think to put together. I do however try to bring to every shoot which I am kind of known for it is my accessories I love to layer and add more and more but if the shoot doesn’t call for so much of that I make sure that the accessory that I do add makes a statement and as Justin Coit WhoWhatWear’s resident photographer likes to make fun of me for is shoulder pads, I am like the maguver (sp) of shoulder pads, I will add it to anything and everything and if there isn’t any shoulder pads in my kit I will make them out of whatever I can find.

BLB: How would you describe your personal style?
AF: My own personal style is ever changing, it’s never the same I get bored with things very easily and move on to the next thing. I will be into doc martens, vintage floral dresses and septum rings one day and then go for a more structured look like a boy band of outsiders blue chambray button down with a pair of Alexander Wang cream cropped pleated trouser pants with a vintage oversized blazer and some aldo booties.

BLB: What advice would you give to an aspiring stylist?
AF: First off I would say get yourself out there, call agencies and ask if you can get on their assistant list, email your resume to stylist, and get the word out that this is what you are going to do. I met my assistant Nikkie at American Apparel, I was doing a pull for Who What Wear and she came up to me and said I would love to assist you can I send you my resume and now she is my right hand lady! So if you set your mind to it you will succeed but just know going into it that it’s not always a glamorous job, there is long hours, heavy lifting (garment bags of clothes can be heavy) and a lot of opinions so be able to be strong with your decisions as well as flexible when needed every job is different.

BLB: Who are your favorite designers and why?
AF: Chloe because every season she is wowing me and it’s so effortless, I love Alexander Wang for such edgy and sexy pieces, Preen for the clean lines and the effort that goes into each and every garment, Isabel Marant’s Fall collection is to dye for all layers and boots, yum! Acne and then staked shoes are beyond amazing.

BLB: When did you start styling?
AF: I started styling when I was attending FIDM in 2003, I was assisting many different stylist and was the assistant fashion editor for BPM and Vapors Magazine. Assistanting is so important I can’t stress that enough, each stylist is different and I highly recommend assistanting as many stylist as possible.

BLB: Who are some of the clients you have worked with?
AF: I have worked with Juilanne Hough, Jessica Lowndes Kim Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon.

BLB: What is your biggest accomplishment so far?
AF: I would have to say my biggest accomplishment is working with Who What Wear, I can’t say enough about the co-founders Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power they have taught me so much and working with them just flows.

BLB : What would you say is this autumns "IT" look?
AF: Lace, leather, thigh high boots, strong shoulders, textured tights, leopard, sequins and sparkle, black chiffon, layered chunky chokers, bandeaus, long sleeve mini’s, and geometric patterns but if I had to pick one “IT” look it would be a strong shoulder shirt tucked into a silk trouser pant with thigh high boots over the trouser pants much like looks from Isabel Marant Fall 09 Collection.

BLB: What is your muse?
AF: Everything, from old movies to walking around the fairfax flea market. I do however love the looks of Lou Doillon, Chloe Sevigny, Alexa Chung, Erin Wasson, Kate Lanphear, Lara Stone and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

BLB: How would you describe your position as Style Director for Who What Wear?
AF: I style the monthly editorials as well as looks on WhoWhatWear TV. I work closely with creative director Katherine Power and photographer Justin Coit www.seejustin.com
on every editorial and webpisode discussing concepts, location, and trends.

BLB: How would you describe a day in the life of Angela Fink?
AF: Wow, that is a hard question everyday is different some day's I am running around to different PR agencies pulling for fittings, or I’ll go into WhoWhatWear and research or request samples for upcoming shoots. It’s always changing and I love that!

Fashion Editorial styled by Angela Fink

Fashion Editorial styled by Angela Fink

Fashion Editorial styled by Angela Fink

Red Carpet Photos- Adrienne Bailon styled by Angela Fink

Red Carpet photos - Kim Kardashian styled by Angela Fink

If you would like to see more of Angela Fink’s style portfolio go to http://www.angelafink.com/

Also check out her blog @ http://angelafinkfashionstylist.blogspot.com/


z is for zestee

Creator of ZesTee Fashion-Holly

New Zealand T-shirt and Jewelry designer Holly uses her naturalistic aesthetic to inspire the look of her designs. beenalabella.com had the pleasure of chatting with Holly about the wonders of ZesTee Fashion.


Color me Grey: H&M Style

Monochromatic neutrals are always a fresh way to rejuvenate a look. Keep it clean; add a dash of grey to your scene. The Idea: Mix and Match ─The look: Minimalist Masterpiece!

wool cardigan $34.95, floral cardigan $34.95, heather grey top $19.95, silk top $49.95, Jeans $39.95, ankle boots $69.95


blogista love: fashion chalet

Creator of Fashion Chalet- Erika Marie

Style blogger Erika Marie creator of Fashion Chalet is the epitome of mode ─but what do we really know about the beauty behind the blog? ─As frequent readers all we perceive is modish clothing, great hair and a list of deluxe designer labels. beenalabella.com decided to get down to the seam ─ in an order that’s pretty random!

beenalabella.com attends ed2010 aspiring editors event

On the train headed to the "City of Dreams" ─ NYC!

Treat every opportunity like an occasion ─ Yesterday evening I had the advantage of attending Ed2010 (a website for aspiring magazine editors) happy hour event for fashion editors and aspiring fashion editors; held at the Blue Owl cocktail room located at 196 second avenue btw 12th & 13th St. NY, NY. It was an excellent event for an aspiring fashion editor like myself; the venue was filled with a mixture of magazine associates, aspiring editors, publicists, coordinators and designers.


trend-report: leg lovers

Barely their sheer is just plain boring! -The season’s chicest trend begins with the letter T. Dress up those lean limbs with some hip leg lookers. Patterned tights are a great way to add depth to a look; www.urbanoutfitters.com supplies a cool variety of stockings with funky motifs.
Pinstripe floral tights $14.00, also available in smoke

Sheer opaque diamond full foot tight $14.00, also available in purple rain

Tuscan floral tights $14.00 , also available in blue/purple

Geo block full foot tights $ 14.00


Sui is next in line!
Designer Anna Sui

Spotted! feminine with a spice of nostalgia- fashion designer Anna Sui displaying a coveted collection of Gossip Girl inspired pieces for Target. Sui will be the second designer featured in Targets “New Designer Collaboration” aside from English fashion designer Alexander McQueen. The replicated line will debut at select Target stores beginning September 13-October. 17. For all you Gossip girl devotees, this is the time to channel your beloved Upper East Side Heiress or Brooklyn bombshell. Which Gossip Girl will you opt for the season to come?

Gossip Girl premieres Sept 14, 2009 Mon 9/8c on The CW

Victorian heiress, ruffles and frills with lace appeal


Punk princess, eclectically elite

Savvy Socialite, Pure Glamazon


Gorgeously grunge intertwined with bohemian hippie


Corporate Chic: Go BOLD!
Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Collection “Bold is Mode”

As children we are taught to express ourselves visually and verbally. Audacious statements and obscure drawings are what make us irresistibly adorable. But once we reach adulthood we tend to bottle up the need to be showy and tone down our most appealing trait; Style is one of them. Working in a field were neutrals are safe and anything other is just plan bizarre, makes you wonder if taking the risk will lead you to the top or end up with the- “out of compliance”. This autumn let’s embody the kid in us and Go Bold!. Fashion flair-devil; designer Marc Jacobs has no apprehension of letting his imagination run vigorously. His fall 2009 collection implies conspicuous color, eccentric prints and structure. It may seem unfeasible for the work-place but nothings unattainable; yet fitting if you dare. Below are some sample looks inspired by Mr. MJ himself, it’s up to you if you’re willing to take a walk on the Style side!

Style Personality: Creatively and socially inclined. She has the gift of Gab while still exemplifying efficiency! (Click on photo to enlarge)

Style personality: Preppy yet Chic! She is the brains and beauty of the workplace. (Click on photo to enlarge)

Style Personality: Stylista at heart! She brings sophistication and is very in tune with the duties of the day! (Click on photo to enlarge)


hidden gem

Sarah's latest design 'La Belle et La Bete'

beenalabella.com had the delight of conversing with Ohio Jewelry designer ‘Sarah Jess’, creator of ‘Navare Jewelry’. I met Sarah through the ‘Fashion Industry Network’. I was absolutely blown away by her vintage flair and enchanting aura. Her designs have such a magical touch, with a sprinkle of modern daintiness. While most look to the future, Sarah looks to the past for her epoch muse.


beauty index: glamour 'beauty tips & tricks

Inside the July 2009 issue of Glamour magazine; featuring cover model -actress Sandra Bullock, star of her new comedy-The Proposal;there was a nifty article entitled Your Top Beauty Problems Solved. I was pretty amazed at the tips and tricks that were secretly obtainable for beauty crazed women like myself. So I decided (being the bountiful chica that I am)-to let you gals in on the fun and effective. Below is Glamour magazines “five beauty problems solved” for under $10 dollars by Petra Guglielmetti.

* revised by 'beenalabella.com' –No magazine subscription required!


Style Update: Jimmy Choo designs for H&M

Jimmy Choo shoes for H&M

Mark your Calendars!-The London based opulent designer Jimmy Choo prominent for his hand-made women’s shoes -will be putting his best heel forward this autumn 2009 designing for the affordably trendy H&M clothing store. It is the first time H&M is collaborating with an accessory brand. Choo will deliver a plush combination of shoes, handbags and accessories .The line will not only feature women’s optionals but Men’s also. The collection hits select stores November 14, 2009 ranging an estimate 200 stores around the globe. Visit www.h&m.com for press photos.


Prom Special 2009: Tasheema Kerr

Tis the Season to be Glamorous! -Our third Prom-ista is Tasheema Kerr of Uniondale NY. Tasheema's prom took place at the elegantly landscaped 'Chateau Briand' in Carle Place NY. Her Look was tropical yet sultry. The dress : a floor sweeping masterpiece! , a multi -hued Hawaiian inspired floral print gown with beautifully beaded embroidery. Shoes: Gold glitzy multi strapped sandals with stiletto heels. Accessories: a Peach flower cocktail ring with gold trimming. Beena la Bella had the pleasure of accompanying Tasheema on her unforgettable day, below is a Time line of her preparation.
Easy, Breezy, Beautiful!

Tasheema's Fabulous ‘Prom Day ‘ Time Line!

9am -12pm: Hair Salon-she added deep brown individual extensions for body and length!
12pm-2pm: headed to Roosevelt Field Mall's M.A.C for makeup /eyelashes and Victoria Secret for undergarments!-ps. The NEW BioFIT 7 ways bra by Victoria Secret is pure heaven; it has a skin like effect.
3pm -4PM:Picked up her‘After Prom tickets’ to the ‘Arena Event Space’ in NYC and J&H floral shop in Uniondale for her Prom Corsage –‘a pretty peach Rose’
4pm-5pm :Beauty Sleep! -Every girls needs this, a long night awaits!
5pm-6pm :Prep time/Shower –Face: AMBI exfoliating face cleanser Body: DOVE’s Nectarine and white Ginger scent body wash - Clean, fresh and ready to get dressed!
6pm -7pm :Makeup and Hair –M.A.C knows best, she went for a bronze look -M.A.C eye shadow 'Amber lights frost ' on the lids with hints of Pink and Shimmery Brown on the crown. Her hair: lavishly layered barrel curls –The finished Look: Sweet!
7pm -8pm :Click Click Flash!-Picture time!-memories are the best treasures!
8pm-11pm:Lights Camera PROM! - The arrival was exquisite, cordial Valet Service followed by an exotic waterfall scenery

Hawaiian Honey!

Tasheema Kerr and Her Prom Date Tracy Coleman


Prom Special 2009: Michelle Wilson

Our Second ‘Prom-ista’ is 18 year-old Michelle Wilson of Washington D.C. Michelle’s Prom took place at the suburban ‘Bethesda Marriott’ located in Bethesda, Maryland. Her look was far from traditional; it was a blend of girlish glam with edge. Michelle was clad in an “Estelle’s” black satin finished short bubble dress, with criss-cross straps, complete with a white satin sash which tied into a bow in the back. (Ps. Her Mom added the straps :-). Her shoes -a pair of black leather open-toe /sling back gladiator style sandals. Michelle kept her accessories simple by wearing a multi layered black beaded necklace- “I didn’t want the typical prom look with the long gown and up-do, I really just wanted to wear something that was me, although I did want to change it up a little by cutting my hair” explains Michelle who sported a freshly cut bob.

One of Michelle’s favorite memories of her prom was “the limo ride there”. “We started prom a little early”, says Wilson, “I enjoyed just being with my friends, taking pictures and dancing the whole night” -and what girl wouldn’t, it’s one of the most memorable times in your life. While most after proms take place in a club atmosphere, Michelle’s High School headed to the restaurant /arcade ‘Dave & Busters’ were they played games till four in the morning. Sounds like a super fun ending to me. Wilson recently graduated from Woodrow Wilson Senior High School in D.C and plans to attend Charleston Southern University in Charleston, SC were she will major in ‘Behavioral Science’. When it comes to her future; Michelle intends to move to New York where she will pursue her profession as Psychiatrist-looks like this ‘Prom-ista’ has the total package –‘Beauty and Brains’.

Simply Pretty!

Michelle Wilson and her Prom date Thomas White


Weekend Style : Cheryl Connor
Great style deserves notable exposure. This ‘stylish wonder’ happens to be the lovely Mom of a good friend /partner of mines-Alyreche Warwick ,founder of youngmomsmotion.blogspot.com. While attending a birthday party Saturday for Alyreche’s daughter-‘Dilynn’ now 6; I couldn't help but ask Mrs. Connor for a Photo of her super hip look. I’ve always admired her brilliant style choices and fabulous display.

The Look:
Denim Jumpsuit-Zara
Gold round-face Watch -Michael Kors
Chocolate brown leather Belt with gold accents- Guess
Navy blue T-strap Sandals w/ floral base - Banana Republic
Bracelet- Jewelry booth
Plum colour Lipstick- M.A.C
Earrings-Diamond studs
Dog-her very own ‘Bichon frise’ named ‘ Milly’


Checkout Trends: RoGeR SpRuIeLL

You can find the most Stylish wonders in the oddest places. During the Memorial Day weekend I accompanied my family on a trip to the local supermarket. As we were proceeding to the check out, I was absolutely enthralled by a ‘Style Stud’, who happened to be in the process of checking out also. I approached him with joviality expressing my liking for such a trendy get up and asked if I could take his picture. His name was Roger Spruiell and to my surprise his profession was just as intriguing as he was. Spruiell is a 19 year old Uniondale NY native and aspiring Dancer. His love for dance started at a young age, “I’ve always been dancing honestly since I could walk”, says Roger. “My mom always shows me home videos of me bouncing around (lol).”But professionally I started in the year 2005”.
“I started going to dance class at school and all my best friends danced also”, “They would teach me what they know and I just caught on”. When it comes to a category of dancing Spruiell explains, “I do all types of dancing, Hip Hop, Ballet, Modern, and Jazz”, dancing is my life”, “I actually think my purpose in life is to show off my talent”. And what a talent it is, Roger has participated in over 100 shows and won majority of them, “I have tons of trophies and certificates” he stated. Spruiell’s resume is pretty amazing; he has danced with several popular street groups in Brooklyn and Queens –‘State of Emergency’ (Alter Ego)-Brooklyn, NY and ‘FYNAL’ Episode-Astoria, Queens. He plans to one day dance for Urban Dance Alliance along with celebrity performers such as Beyonce and Ciara to name a few. Aside from his exceptional background, Roger has incredible style, I love his combinational pieces from street sleek to urban chic he has it all.
Mr. Style Stud himself -Roger Spruiell

Gold name Plate Earring "Tantalizingly Trendy"
by the way it says 'Roger'

Eye -catching Gold Leopard Head Bracelet!
"Dynamic Duo"
Roger and his Friend Que Jackson-Munoz, who is also a Dancer

Rogers Style Info from Head to Sole!



Leopard head bracelet

-Creative.Rec. (BLACK GREY AND PEACH)high-top

-social coulSion FROM HOTTOPIC

Tank Top

Messenger Bag

Beena la Bella's Memorial Day Weekend Grocery List!
1 pack of hamburger meat $6.00
2 (2) liter Sodas $4.00
1 pack of hamburger buns $3.00
1 bottle of Heinz Ketchup $2.00
1 'Style Stud 'Priceless!
Check out Roger Spruiell @ www.myspace.com/BUDDY45