style justice

The rules of fashion are totally irrelevant when it comes to a teen vogue shoot, but the idea of having fun is one word that is undeniably in the mix.  My October 2012, Young Hollywood Issue arrived in the mail this week, and like any new TV mag, I begin to flip my pages back and forth (willow style). The cover is clad with nickelodeon sweetheart, Victoria Justice, who will be starring in a new comedy, Fun Size, paired with late night TV funny-lady, Chelsea Handler. However, as my previous post subjecting teen vogue, it is never quite about the star, but consistently about the style. Victoria’s “bring it on” spread stopped me in my visual tracks, to the point where all I could do is serve her, style points.

Look A.
style points:  when you  pair children in a shoot  you’re bound to bring in the fun (their goes that word again), and this photo is the epitome of it. VJ’s look:  the cool kid that lands the chaotic babysitting  job, with her 50’s  updo, retro acid washed denim jacket, chunky silver necklace/collar, tweed socks and chanel loafer combo, preppy pleated skirt and rocker accessories, she’s sure to give these kids the time of their night

Look B.
style points: styling down the staircase, VJ stops at the last step in a carefree pose, although all matters of mayhem  is surrounding her, Justice is still keeping her cool. this time its girlish punk. the luxuriant evergreen sweater, polished  with an embellished collar, studded chain sling bag, whimsically printed skirt, paired with 24k gold Giuseppe sneakers, tuned out with her high volume purple headphones; she is sure to get things back in order, in her time. 

Look C.
style points:  outdoor fun is the best cure for any kids rowdiness  and VJ parades this in her prim rockstar get up. it appears the kids are composed and Victoria demeanor is pretty much─ effortless.  She steps out in her floral and lace party dress, zebra print crossbody bag, waist defining studded belt, regally layered accessories, heightened with her punky creeper shoes. VJ’s job is almost complete, time to rock out, Justice Style!

photo credits: teenvogue.com


get lively

photo credits:  ny mag/the cut

spotted; fashion blogger Karina of beenalabella.com oohing and ahhing over Gossip Girl starlet and Karl Lagerfeld’s gorgeous protégé ─Blake Lively. Who would have thought, the girl that adored queen bee, Blair Wardolf, portrayed by actress Leighton Meester, would soon be head over heels for her GG bff.  I have to declare, my good friend and style blogger, Aly of rightupyouralyy.com, would always proclaim her love for Lively’s style; it just took some time for mine to prevail.  Seems like lately I’ve been coveting a lot of Blake & White!


print me

plain denim is just plan ole boring these days, and with the  heap of printed denim making a trendy dent in departments stores, it’s time to start joining the fun. I love the extreme layering that teen vogue styled their models in for their back-to-school fashion show, it was simply a London calling. The idea of topping the black fur jacket over the heart-print button down gave me a splendid idea for my american eagle faux fur vest that I stored away. However, it was the majestic jeans, which charmed me the most; I already started searching the web for my picks.  Which print jean would you copy this fall?