slim picking,

A woman’s waistline is one classic feminine feature (think Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren); the smaller the better (at least that is what we aim for). In addition, one accessory to define that is a skinny belt. After scrolling through an assortment of skinny belts, I narrowed it down to one label that stood out from the rest, ASOS. The gloss finish and gold trimming spoke to my style; and I love the hi-def color. I would certainly add this slim picking to my fall wardrobe. 

ASOS Metal Keeper Super Skinny Belt (Pink and Yellow), $10.18


black out,

I am need in of a major dye job. Ever since I decided to go natural, my natural hair color has sprouted tremendously, leaving my hair two-shaded, brown new growth and black ends. Today I complimented my co-worker on her luminous black hair and asked if she had used Revlon Colorsilk, (which is one of our preferential hair dyes) she replied and said, “No, Garnier Olia”. Coincidentally, I had been considering a new dye brand and Garnier came to mind. Garnier Olia is an oil-based dye that restores hair, leaving it silky and shiny with vivid color. Opposite of most hair dyes, Garnier Olia is 60% oil blend with natural flower oils; this helps with the restoration of the hair. Sounds like a winner, I guess my beauty instinct was on point!


snuggle up,

Not to sound redundant, but I am so over the summer, especially with this cold I caught (which has me feeling super drowsy). I was on River Island site this evening, when I found some shabby leopard slippers that would be stylish for the winter (Yes, I mentioned winter in July). I even paired it with a cozy cream borg ears all-in-one. I consider this lounge look, winter glam, something I am expecting to snuggle in very soon!


fall bliss,

Cardigan and Pencil Skirt/Denim on Denim
Bomber Jacket / Ankle Boots 

I am quite the early bird when it comes to catching fall fever; it is frankly my favorite season. While most are still enjoying the beach, bbqs and vacationing, I am mentally thirsting for fall apparel denim on denim, cardigans paired with pencil skirts, bomber jackets, ankle boots, pointy toe pumps, and the list goes on. Nevertheless, I cannot blame my latest nostalgia for the season of colored leaves and brisk weather solely on my love for it, but the current change in weather. The last couple of days July has felt more like September. Therefore, I am going to play along with the climate flip; here are some street style looks from my list. What is on your fall wear list?


crystal light,

Lighting is an essential part of your homes aesthetic. My preference is dim, with a cozy setting.  I have a flair for stainless steel and mirrored décor, and these romantically modern lamps coincide with just that. The crystal base gives off a regal feel, ideal for any queen who adores her palace. 

1. Prism Table Lamp, Neiman Marcus, $585.00
2. Triple Crystal Orb, Neiman Marcus, $425.00


small wonder,

Clutches are small wonders with big style.  It’s suitable for any look, and compact enough for all your beauty necessities. Topshop has a trendy selection from suede and leather combos, to cognac hues and perforated textures, which are fitting for the expected change in season.  My clutch picks are inspired by fall tones, the rustling leaves and the cool blue skies. Which clutch would you handle this fall?

1. Leather fold over clutch, $76.00
2. Patch bar clutch, $110.00
3. Perforated clutch, $36.00


face time,

We all desire a clear and even skin tone, predominantly on our face. My latest beauty regimen has consisted of a fade cream; due to marks left from prior pimples and an uneven tone. The fade cream I decided to use is Palmers Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream (an oldie but goodie), which was introduced to me by my grandmother back in my late teens (yes, I acclaim her for all my beauty secrets).  

Today I read Allure magazine (August 2013 issue) “Primary Colors” feature, which touched on the anti-aging effects of diverse ethnicities. In the section for women of color, uneven skin tone was the #2 skin issue aside from sagging, and it was confirmation that my desire to revisit my good ole fade cream was a suffice beauty choice. One of the tips regarding fade cream had to do with its main ingredient, Hydroquinone.  Allure’s beauty expert, Fran Cook-Bolden explains that most women of color refuse to try creams with Hydroquinone, apprehensive that their face will be lighter than their body. Her advice for this concern, do not abuse the cream, apply the solution on your dark spots only. Thanks for the tip Fran, now to mix it up, I gathered some creams I’ve used and would like to try.  


blouse up,


Is it stylishly incorrect to yearn for fall wear in the heat of summer? Why not choose a staple than can be worn in the summer/fall, a blouse. ASOS displays this proposal by pairing their blouses with shorts, creating a chic hipster feel and giving a floral pair of pants, a sweet finish. However, if you are like me and 90% of your summer exists in the workplace, a blouse is a perfect choice and can be converted to fall wear with the switch of a bottom: slacks or  pencil skirt, pair whichever you like (I’d go for the pencil). 

a. Blouse with laser cut collar and yoke detail, $61.09
b. Ted Baker colour block shirt, $151.03
c. Blouse with origami collar in spot print, $47.52


editor picks,

Lucky Magazine 
Elle Magazine

Teen Vogue Magazine 

My dream of becoming a fashion and beauty editor isn’t far-fetched but more at arm’s reach; with perseverance anything is possible.  I always pondered how I would dress if I ever worked for a renowned magazine such as─ Teen Vogue, Elle or Lucky Magazine (my fav three). My shoes would be my signature asset.  Therefore, I wanted to end off this week with a fashionable bang, by selecting three styles that would pair well with my dream magazine look.  In addition, I can never go wrong with a Sophia Webster shoe to blend well with my whimsically mixy, prepster with a hint of posh style. 

Each style available at net-a-porter.com


dress room,

It is the rooms you least visit that can be simply musing, and who would think a dressing room would deliver such splendor.  I was surfing Pinterest (my new décor hotspot) when I set eyes on a whimsical masterpiece of a dressing room. The late socialite and fashion designer lilly Pulitzer had a niche for combing floral patterns and bright hues.  Her store dressing rooms reminded me of my apartment’s décor scheme, which prompted me to search the web for an arrangement of her dressing rooms looks, all with the intent of being even more inspired.

image 1: capitolfile-magazine.com
image 2: interiordesigntogo.com
image 3: lilyland.Sorority sugar tumblr
image 4: dressing room on tumblr
image 5: cardiganempire.com
image 6: northernvirginiamag.com 


silver & gold,

a. b.


Stackable rings can be super chic and pair well with any style. Mixing silver and gold creates a polished look and gives your mani a refined finish.  Forever21 has a vast selection of stackable rings, but these three sets seem to ring my finger. I could go for a cheeky or simply nude enamel on my tips to ring out (I mean bring out) my look. 


sun kiss,

Summertime is all about obtaining healthy glowing skin! Last year I purchased a product that I gave minimal attention to, I had just decided to retire from selling Avon when I invested in the Skin so Soft ‘Satin Glow’ collection.  One of the items in the set was the Satin Glow Absolute Glow Gel,$10 (for all skin types). I tried it for about 2 days and stopped without waiting for the promised results; which read as follows: ultra-natural, sun-kissed glow after 3 days, after one week, skin looks and feels tightened and firmed, and after two weeks, minimizes the appearance of hair.  However, I decided to give it a second use and it was absolutely worth it. Besides the alluring fragrance, my skin developed an enhanced Brazilian-like glow (due to my already tanned tone),  I had a smoother and tighter feeling surface before the two week span, and I looked as if the sun kissed me each time I stepped foot out my door.  


twinkle toes,

Sparkly sandals are complimentary to my style. I am the queen of all things glam and these Anna Baiguera crystal embellished flats are a perfect fit. The style is swanky while the hues are charming.  Whether worn with a sundress, relaxed jeans or casual wear, these pretty little numbers will do awesome wonders. 

 Anna Baiguera crystal embellished flats


fruit loop,

1. 2. 

3. 4. 

I love putting together a hipster look during the summer. It’s the season where light-weight, breezy clothing is a plus and adding a hint of color equals perfection.  This ensemble in particular would be my “sun in the city” look. The banana print tank is fresh and fun, the cheetah print wedges add spice, the polka dot denim high waisted shorts are flirty and the neon orange camera bag is paired to hold the device that will capture it all.

 1. J.crew 
 2. Topshop
 3. Diane Von Furstenberg
 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs


chair up,

I have a slight love for patchwork, but when it comes to home décor, the love intensifies. It reminds me of my adoration for mix patterns, but as a furniture piece, and chairs are a perfect accent piece for just that. As I was searching for photos to compliment my patchwork interest on Pinterest (hey, that rhymes), I recollected a photo of Solange that would be the model accessory to this post.  In addition, not only is she the queen of mixed prints and patterns, she makes it look super stylish as well.

image 1: Solange Knowles, www.solangemusic.com


clock hue,

Watches are a split between practical and the model wrist ornament. Most wear them for style (myself), while others use them to literally identify the time. Kate Spade seems to be on the style clock, she is always up to the minute with her brilliant designs. Her new ‘skyline’ bracelet watches (Nordstrom Exclusive), is a mix of sporty and trendy. The colors remind me of Popsicle hues, and the yellow-gold platting is super luxe; which make these watches a summer time winner.

Available at www.nordstrom.com (Bazooka Pink, Valencia Orange and Baha Blue)


beauty marc,

Instagram is becoming my new fashion and beauty update source. As I was scrolling through my timeline, I came across Lucky Magazines new Editor in Chief (and former Teen Vogue beauty/health director) Eva Chen’s instagram, where she uploaded a photo of a makeup collection by none other than the king of innovation himself, Marc Jacobs. I was instantly swooned; Marc is teaming up with Sephora for the launch of his original makeup line. According to Refinery.com, the cheeky cosmetic line is set to launch in the U.S. and Canada stores August 9th, a month from today.  I know I'll be counting down until Marc makes his beauty debut, will you? 


foot work,


Today was a gorgeous day; I celebrated my lovely daughters 10th birthday in the heart of New York City.  As we headed to our destination, American Girl Place, I could not help but internally secret admire the stylish sandals/shoes that I passed by. At one point, I was compelled to snap photos (to share with my readers of course).  But, I decided to re-capture some street style looks that were parallel to my on-foot muses.

image 1: hipgirie.com
image 2: modates.gr.com
image 3: vogue.com


dress shirt,

While scouting some high fashion looks, I came across two identical patterns by the same designer, Prabal Gurung. We all have our fickle days when it comes to a look, and theses two selections are a perfect illustration of that.  I am a versatile individual, so I can see myself garbed in both styles. The sheath dress is super sassy, and the blouse is crazy flirty (with some distressed jeans), but I would like some readers opinions, which floral approach would you take?


family 4th,

I have to say that today was a very active and enjoyable 4th of July. I spent the first half of the day at the park with my daughter, cousin and nephews, and the second half with my dad’s side of the family. Food, fun and laughter make any holiday a spectacular one, but the setting is what truly creates the warm feeling of being with family. Furthermore, my cousins beautiful backyard was that and more. When we arrived, the kids were playing in the water slide/ sprinklers, there were two gazebo tents setup with white chairs sporadically placed for guest to come, the food was lined up buffet style for self-serving and the music was super inviting.  Nothing like a family 4th; hope you all enjoyed yours.

image via laurenconrad.com


i.d me,

If you like it then you should have put your name on it! Well that isn’t quite the lyrics but it’s correlated to my accessory subject.  I.D baubles are personal and trendy all in one; it reminds me of 90’s fresh, and blends well with any style personality.  Trendsetting celebs such as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have been clad in this hip number to name a sumptuous few; my take on the I.D phenom, engraving my beenalabella.com logo to add a touch of signature glam.

1.Chained i.d necklace, 
2.Tough identity bracelets
3.Chained identity ring 

Available at www.nastygal.com 


buzz worthy,

I usually don’t feature a perfume that I haven’t tested, but since I am in love with Marc Jacobs, I figure I would trust that his new scent is worth the buzz.  Mr. Jacobs concocted yet another sweet, charismatic scent called “Honey” which is infused with honeysuckle, vanilla, smooth wood, and other fruity notes such as pear, orange blossom and peach nectar to name a few.  His last three fragrances─ Dot, Oh, Lola! and Daisy enthralled my senses; so I wouldn’t put it past him that Honey would be any less bee-coming. 

Available at www.sephora.com


skirt flirt,

There was once a time when I only preferred miniskirts, not knowing the daintiness of a pencil skirt. What makes this style so attractive, is though the length isn’t leg defining, it displays your silhouette, which makes it flirtatiously chic.  Zara seems to deem this perception, because they have designed some fabulous floral pencil skirts that would flatter any physique. 

visit: www.zara.com