z is for zestee

Creator of ZesTee Fashion-Holly

New Zealand T-shirt and Jewelry designer Holly uses her naturalistic aesthetic to inspire the look of her designs. beenalabella.com had the pleasure of chatting with Holly about the wonders of ZesTee Fashion.


Color me Grey: H&M Style

Monochromatic neutrals are always a fresh way to rejuvenate a look. Keep it clean; add a dash of grey to your scene. The Idea: Mix and Match ─The look: Minimalist Masterpiece!

wool cardigan $34.95, floral cardigan $34.95, heather grey top $19.95, silk top $49.95, Jeans $39.95, ankle boots $69.95


blogista love: fashion chalet

Creator of Fashion Chalet- Erika Marie

Style blogger Erika Marie creator of Fashion Chalet is the epitome of mode ─but what do we really know about the beauty behind the blog? ─As frequent readers all we perceive is modish clothing, great hair and a list of deluxe designer labels. beenalabella.com decided to get down to the seam ─ in an order that’s pretty random!

beenalabella.com attends ed2010 aspiring editors event

On the train headed to the "City of Dreams" ─ NYC!

Treat every opportunity like an occasion ─ Yesterday evening I had the advantage of attending Ed2010 (a website for aspiring magazine editors) happy hour event for fashion editors and aspiring fashion editors; held at the Blue Owl cocktail room located at 196 second avenue btw 12th & 13th St. NY, NY. It was an excellent event for an aspiring fashion editor like myself; the venue was filled with a mixture of magazine associates, aspiring editors, publicists, coordinators and designers.