white christmas

So, not only am I dreaming of a white Christmas, I am actually experiencing it.  Not in the form of crisp snowflakes, but a powder hued Christmas tree we named ─Sugar Frost. I decided to branch out of the traditional green and upgrade to a more wintery shade─ White. The arrangements of candy colored ornaments complement my theme this year, "Bubblegum & Black Tie Christmas". I grew up with a glossy black Christmas tree, which my grandmother would trim with gold/silver accents and mini red velvet bows; so it isn’t my first time stepping out of the color trademark. I snapped some close up photos of my playful adornments. Season Greetings!


 1&4. Glitter Hot Pink Star/Neon Green and Ruby Red Polka Dot shoe (courtesy of my sister Kiyana ), 2&3. Polka Dot balls/ Jeweled and Candy Shaped ornaments (courtesy of my local dollar store), 5&6. Crystal-like Cross and Silver Reindeer (courtesy of my Grandmother)


eye sparkle

Looking to glitter up those peepers for the holidays?  Avon has the perfect solution─ Glimmersticks Diamonds eyeliners. These festive pencils are retractable and self sharpening for easy application; leaving a 12 hour lasting impression. I presently own four snazzy shades Golden Diamond, Flashy Copper, Twilight Sparkle and Brown Glow. For a twinkling effect, double up on the sparkling fun by combining two shades at once. You’ll certainly gleam in the New Year with flickering color.


beauty secrets

We've all inquired about another’s beauty treatment(s); whether it was flawless make up, voluminous hair, lustrous skin, or kempt nails. Pondering what products reward such effortless looks, this sparked the idea to select four gorgeous ladies, that I've secretly wondered what keeps them looking oh’ so posh and prim. So to all you inquisitive beauty lovers, prepare to take some cosmetic notes.

Face:  I love makeup but have noticed that if little things aren't done to the canvas (your face) to maintain it, then the makeup will not look natural, it will have a cake-like appearance.  People who wear makeup should wash the makeup off with cold water prior to any normal face washing, also weekly exfoliation with their normal face wash.  I use the gloves that you can buy at local drug stores in the body wash aisle and rub gently to remove dead skin layers and stubborn makeup residue. Wash brushes daily with antibacterial dish soap and once a week with shampoo if they are real hair, like my MAC brushes. I use MAC Studio Fix makeup NC42 and NW35 select sheer pressed powder to set it. I use Physicians Formula Bronzer from CVS Bronze Booster Color medium to dark, CoverGirl Waterproof Mascara black and MAC Fibrelash Mascara. I use PeachyKeen MAC Blush and Permaplum Engraved waterproof eyeliner by MAC, Permaplum for the lower eye and engraved eyeliner for the upper lid for a slight cat eye look .I sometimes use stubborn brown waterproof eyeliner on top and bottom eyelid base for a more subtle look. Lastly the must have is MAC Fix+ Spray, it is the best moisturizer before and after makeup application and it helps the makeup look natural and gives a slight dewy look and is great to stop feeling dry and stiff-faced(lol ), Ps Tea Tree Oil is the best remedy to shrink a pimple and reduce swelling. Coco Care is what I use anytime I get a pimple.

Hair: I use a product line called Mixed Chicks, I use their shampoo, conditioner and I swear by their leave in conditioner which I use to style my hair with daily, it doesn't leave my hair stiff but full and flowy and good for a mixed chick like me (lol) 
Skin: I wash my face/body with Dove Unscented Sensitive Skin bar soap and my sole facial moisturizer is a 99% Aloe Vera Gel which I purchase from GNC for less than $4 for 2 oz. 

Nails: I love Nicole Miller's line for nails called Nicole which you can buy at Wal-Mart for under $9 the colors are awesome and stay on very long without chipping. I also think that using CocoCares Tea Tree Oil daily over your nails/cuticles with a cotton ball is a great way to prevent nail impurities and fungus especially when you get regular mani/pedis, which can put you at a higher risk for yellowish nail discoloration or fungus; I always use this!

Hair: Moroccanoil Oil Treatment ─My must have go-to hair product of choice. I have had natural hair my entire life and it's had it challenges. Finding a product that gives me that shiny sleek finish when its straightened without weighing it down and a soft bouncy curl pattern when its natural, has been life changing. I swear by this product as it has never let me down. It's a little pricey, but a little goes a long way.

Skin: Raw Unrefined African Black Soap (Imported from Ghana) ─I use African Black Soap on my entire body. This product is used for a wide variety of things, such as clearing up acne, controlling oily skin and relieving skin from irritation to mention a few. Traditional black soap is rich with vitamin A & E which are both great for preventing premature facial lines and wrinkles. This soap is also great for thoroughly removing make-up. This is my fav skin care product!

Face: Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer w/ SPF30 ─It is SO important to moisturize your face daily, especially when you wear make-up. I find that this product contributes greatly to the finished look of my make-up. Unlike most facial moisturizer that I've used with SPF in them, this product is very lightweight and it and it doesn't leave that white residue on your face. In addition to giving me a smooth vibrant look, the SPF 30 provides protection from the sun and the visible damages it can cause, which is a key component to having youthful skin. For these reasons I swear by this product!
Nails:Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener (Imported from Columbia) Ok, so this is hands down the best nail care product out! I use it as both a base and a clear nail polish. I've had natural nails for about 6 years now and I owe it all to this product. If you don't know acrylic tips are the worst for your nail. After deciding to go natural, my nails were paper thin, cracked and weak. I discovered this product and it began to treat and improve my nails instantly. Now my nails grow quicker than ever and are stronger than they've ever been. This is a must have for the mani-pedi girl!

Hair: I have to say my ultimate favorite product for my hair has to be Biosilk‘silk therapy serum. Not going to lie, it is kind of pricey, but you get what you pay for! It works awesome in wet or dry hair, but the bottle does last a while considering you really only need a drop.

Skin: Skin? It’s a touchy subject, but the best product out is Eucerin ‘Original Body Cream (with the blue top!)  I am one of the lady’s that lotions after every shower and this lotion is beyond awesome! It never leaves you feeling greasy, always just enough moisture for you to feel good. Always leaves your skin nice and soft!

Face: My favorite skin product would be St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I use this product every other day because it is a real scrubber!  It’s great! It has pieces of sand which helps with any blackheads or blemishes. Always leaves your face feelings fresh, squeaky clean, and smooth.

Nails: The one thing I swear by with my nails is the Burt’s Bee’s Lemon Cuticle Cream. Every night before bed I load my cuticles up with this! It leaves my cuticles nice and moisturized and they never look dry and overgrown! It’s great!

Hair: For dry-prone hair, the product I just can’t do without (and travel with) is Sexy Hair Organics Moisture Boost. It’s a gloss serum that gives texture and hydration to hair after styling without weighing it down. The light oil mixture provides some sculpting ability and leaves hair looking shiny and healthy.

Skin: You really start to notice the signs of aging around the age of 30. To keep my skin in taunt, top shape I use a variety of products, depending upon the season. During summer months, I go for lighter lotions – just about anything will do. For the chillier months GoldBond or Curel are my must-haves. They hydrate dry skin all day long and help keep elbows, knees and heels moistened. Of course, no crème or moisturizer is fully effective if it eventually disappears overnight. To keep nighttime treatments intact, I use a natural satin pillowcase. Disappointed with the run-of-the-mill polyester brands on the market, I created my own plant cellulose based brand – Satin Hydration Therapy. It not only keeps my hair hydrated and free from breakage, it’s also super moisturizing for my skin. At nearly 56 years old, I don’t have a wrinkle on my face and my skin is always supple and smooth. It’s a double-duty beauty foundation that I’d recommend to everyone. 

Face: At any age, you need a gentle facial cleanser. For me, it’s as simple as using Cetaphil® Daily FacialCleanser. You can find it any drugstore or mass merchandise. It’s extremely gentle, so you can use it morning, noon and night. My face is visibly cleaner after I rinse and my skin feels incredibly soft and fresh. And it’s affordable! 

Nails: I make sure I get a “real” manicure, not just a polish change at least every 7-10 days. To extend the life of my manicure, after about day 5, I top off my nail polish with a coat of Hoof Lacquer. It’s a strong, shiny top coat that was used initially by horse trainers to keep the hooves of horses strong & groomed. Nail polish looks amazingly new for nearly 2 weeks.