Checkout Trends: RoGeR SpRuIeLL

You can find the most Stylish wonders in the oddest places. During the Memorial Day weekend I accompanied my family on a trip to the local supermarket. As we were proceeding to the check out, I was absolutely enthralled by a ‘Style Stud’, who happened to be in the process of checking out also. I approached him with joviality expressing my liking for such a trendy get up and asked if I could take his picture. His name was Roger Spruiell and to my surprise his profession was just as intriguing as he was. Spruiell is a 19 year old Uniondale NY native and aspiring Dancer. His love for dance started at a young age, “I’ve always been dancing honestly since I could walk”, says Roger. “My mom always shows me home videos of me bouncing around (lol).”But professionally I started in the year 2005”.
“I started going to dance class at school and all my best friends danced also”, “They would teach me what they know and I just caught on”. When it comes to a category of dancing Spruiell explains, “I do all types of dancing, Hip Hop, Ballet, Modern, and Jazz”, dancing is my life”, “I actually think my purpose in life is to show off my talent”. And what a talent it is, Roger has participated in over 100 shows and won majority of them, “I have tons of trophies and certificates” he stated. Spruiell’s resume is pretty amazing; he has danced with several popular street groups in Brooklyn and Queens –‘State of Emergency’ (Alter Ego)-Brooklyn, NY and ‘FYNAL’ Episode-Astoria, Queens. He plans to one day dance for Urban Dance Alliance along with celebrity performers such as Beyonce and Ciara to name a few. Aside from his exceptional background, Roger has incredible style, I love his combinational pieces from street sleek to urban chic he has it all.
Mr. Style Stud himself -Roger Spruiell

Gold name Plate Earring "Tantalizingly Trendy"
by the way it says 'Roger'

Eye -catching Gold Leopard Head Bracelet!
"Dynamic Duo"
Roger and his Friend Que Jackson-Munoz, who is also a Dancer

Rogers Style Info from Head to Sole!



Leopard head bracelet

-Creative.Rec. (BLACK GREY AND PEACH)high-top

-social coulSion FROM HOTTOPIC

Tank Top

Messenger Bag

Beena la Bella's Memorial Day Weekend Grocery List!
1 pack of hamburger meat $6.00
2 (2) liter Sodas $4.00
1 pack of hamburger buns $3.00
1 bottle of Heinz Ketchup $2.00
1 'Style Stud 'Priceless!
Check out Roger Spruiell @ www.myspace.com/BUDDY45


Prom Special 2009: Imani Lockwood

The most memorable moment of a girl’s life besides her wedding day, is her ‘Prom Night’. The gorgeously glam dresses, radiant skin, beautifully manicured nails, perfectly pedicured feet and dramatically styled tresses. This Prom season Beena La Bella will be doing a feature called ‘Prom Special 2009’, which will consist of Four amazingly stylish ‘Prom-istas. Our first Prom-ista is ‘Imani Lockwood’ of long Island NY. On Thursday May 21, 2009, Imani celebrated her prom at the refined Crest Hollow Country Club located in Woodbury NY. Her look was straight out of a fairytale, angelically luminous with simplicity. It was extremely breath-taking, a satin powder pink gown with lavish layers crowned with intricately jeweled embroidery. Her coif was 50’s inspired with luscious coffee bean locks and to top it off her accessories were just as darling as she was. Below are some pre-prom photos from her night.


V-shaped jeweled embroidery,diamond bracelet with heart accents finished with a diamond/ pearl cocktail ring

perfectly primped locks

Delicately jeweled strappy sandal
Imani Lockwood and her Prom date Tiray Clemmons -Picture Perfect!


Sunny in Soho: beena la bella visits Topshop Soho!

Finally the moment I’ve been waiting for!. After several visits to the savvy website, I thought it was time to visit UK’s finest and now New York City’s Chicest clothing store ,‘Topshop Soho’ located at 478 Broadway near Broome Street in Manhattan . The layout was just as I imagined, full of trendy and alluring pieces. Layers of color, splashes of sequin, a sea of figure enhancing frocks. I was completely overwhelmed once I entered the four floors extravaganza. Each level was organized by style concept- darling denims, punchy prints, beach babes, bodacious blazers, mega minis and the list goes on.

I checked out the illustrious Kate Moss collection , it was extremely striking , there were definitely some eye-catching looks I could see myself clad in for a girls night out, but then there was the eminent Barbara Hulanicki line, 60’s icon and founder of the Biba (dreamy sigh),it was indeed flirtaously chic!. As far as the pricing goes, (we all love this part)I have to say some items were not exactly worth the dollar being that they resembled such of Forever 21 and H&M but on the trendier side , there were some exclusive pieces that earned every bit. In conclusion, I found it wasn’t as congested as the reviews had stated so I was able to snap some decent photos of the garments. Below is a mini photo story of my experience. Enjoy ;)

Bohemian Chica!. Me @ home before leaving to go to Sunny Soho!.I decided to go for a relaxed yet city sleek look. It fit my mood for my journey to visit Fashions best! (you can actually click on the pictures for a magnified version)

The Funky Topshop name Display! Lights ,Camera, Shopping! ,The section: lets call it "Island Twist"!
Accessory Heaven! embellish any look with a variety of accents- bags, necklaces, rings , Oh my!

Gold mine with Pearl stunners! They say diamonds are a girls best friend, I beg to differ :)

Flower power / Summer fling! a great vacation attire section.

Summer Savvy, I was fascinated with the wall decor.( Pinks my favorite color shhh!)

Down to another level of stylish wonders!

Printland/Denim Mania, I was actually on the escalator taking this Pic !

The Kate Moss Collection, peep the shabby chic ,pale indigo bustier frock to the left of the Mannequin it was definitely my favorite!

A galaxy of shoes , a wonderland of feet pleasers (Please Excuse the customer looking into the camera, I think I startled her, Sorry) ;)

The Check-out, this ends our fashionique journey through Topshop Soho!
Hope you Enjoyed my mini picture story through the Topnotch Topshop!
ps. As I was exiting the store , I crossed paths with Terry Kennedy a professional skate boarder and member of Fly Society also known as Angela Simmons Ex- boyfriend, I would have posted a photo but lets just say he wasn't on Foot, more like wheels (Skateboard wheels that is). ;)


Pretty in PLUS!

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Forever 21 has embraced this statement by finally launching there plus size line called “Faith 21”. The line consists of sizes XL, 1X and 2X while still illustrating the signature Forever 21 look. As a frequent shopper of Forever 21, I was absolutely thrilled at the idea of creating a line for full figured women. I visited the site today and selected some trendy numbers. Below are some of my favorites. From pretty paisley to rich animal prints.

The “Faith 21” line is available online and at select stores. Check out forever21.com for more details.
Paisley kimono dress $19.80 (forever21.com)

Crochet back slub top $19.80 (forever21.com)
Silky paisley tunic $22.80 (forever21.com)
Cheetah print dress $19.80 (forever21.com)

Animal print knit tunic $15.80 (forever21.com)

Lace trim top $17.80 (forever21.com)