The leaves aren’t the only illustration of change this season. The fall is the mother of all that is ever-changing, giving birth to a plethora of trends. This autumn, fashion is taking a round trip to the past, visiting silhouettes from the tailored 40's to the punk 80's, but does that mean, we as the consumer should as well? I project that it all depends on the shopper, and what they plan on frolicking in during the cozy weather.  As a fashion researcher and magazine subscriber, I’ve studied former looks and noticed a redundancy in trends. At times, fashion can feel forced, and as a style enthusiast one may infer that dressing parallel to a magazine editorial will make them stylishly adequate. I suggest, if you’re going to exercise your style strength, it is necessary that you include a touch of you. Your personal style, combined with an existing trend (that you truly respect), builds a lucrative look, take heed and proceed.


style block

Experiencing a teeny bit of writers block, I decided to collage a tear-sheet of looks that I propose for the fall. On a visual aspect, textures and layers are a double dose of my expectations. Shabby fabrics, hints of leopard, gemstone hues, faux fur embellishing, gold baubles, polka dot prints, controlled pencil skirts and structured shapes are on my list of ─ la´experimental.  


décor inspired

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been a dreamer. I can revisit sitting in my room, and fantasying about my future, pondering what I wanted to be and what role I would play in life. Day dreaming was a keen characteristic of mine, my imagination would run vigorously. In school was one of the primary places that I would exercise such a trait, because I always saw beyond the classroom walls.  At age 9, I remember telling my grandmother that I wanted to open a salon for kids because I enjoyed doing hair. As I reached my early teens I took on a debate quality; which lead me to wanting to become a lawyer (Criminal Justice). Then my senior year of high school approached and I took on a new found Love─ (deep sigh )─ Fashion!. Technically I shouldn't label it new found because it was always there, just suppressed within my wonderland of career chooses. Presently, I've combined my love for fashion with my God-given gift writing. I have aspirations of one day contributing to a fashion magazine, particularly Teen Vogue, hence ─I dream of teenhere and here. Reverting back to my dreamer demeanor, the photo above is one of my wall decors. I purchased the Dream poppy graphic letter blocks from Target a few months ago; I have it hanging in the corner wall of my room at eye level for daily inspiration. 


fall addiction

There is something about fall that’s romantically unexplainable. It exudes a nostalgic aura, from the crisp cool breeze, to the auburn scenery. Today felt like a sweet sample of autumn, the sky was utterly picturesque. After work I stopped home to open all the windows, let in some fresh air and give the AC a rest before running my daily errands. For some random reason, I was craving a new scent for my home, (preferably a candle), I kept getting the hint of pumpkin spice. I presume the weather was quite a tease because all I could think about was the season to come. So following my yen, I purchased a Febreze Limited Edition─ falling leaves and spice─ candle, the scent is absolutely irresistible and fitting, along with the Vogue September 2011 issue. In confession mode: Prior to my candle yearning, I made a self pact that I would collect the September issue of all my favored magazines (major fall addiction). Especially after Elle magazine was stuffed cozily in my mailbox this afternoon. And since Teen Vogue and Marie Claire had arrived weeks before, the pact was sure to surface. I snapped a photo of what my evening is going to consist of.
Ps. mini nail polishes are by H&M


sequin sweats

1. topshop grey marl sequin heart embellished sweatshirt  - topshop.com 2. marc by marc jacobs quad pullover with sequins- mytheresa.com
3. alice and olivia juanita sequin cropped sweater -aliceandolivia.com

A dash of embellishment, adds just the right amount of sparkle to glam up a look. Sweaters are a practical staple for the late fall, but can often be associated with winter; depending on the thickness. I considerably love a cozy number, especially when it's dashing to the eye. I love pairing a quirky sweater with straight leg jeans or a tulle skirt. This season I plan on investing in some conversation pieces; as I would call them- Here’s a scenario: (chic admirer) "Hi, that's a savvy sweater you’re wearing!" (Me) why thank you! , it's (insert designer name here).


magically moss

photo courtesy of vogue.com "Bushels of white roses by Scarlet & Violet"
While most are smitten over Kate Moss's graceful wedding, I was charmed by her décor orientation. My first look at the marital affair was on style blogger/friend Aly,  www.rightupyouralyy.com. I felt the images raved of angelic significance. Piously defined and sweetly captured. The photo above was most adored by me because of its symbolism; it gave me a sense of serenity and divine nature. According to sources, White Roses are a representation of innocence and purity. Their customarily tied with marriages and new beginnings; it’s an illustration of remembrance. A perfect floral selection for Moss; being that the occasion was just that. see more wedding photos here


In life and in fashion, we all have come to a point when we profusely say─ “I should have went with my first instinct”. It’s a cliché statement which leaves you wondering, what could have been the outcome of that first choice. When preparing an outfit, I’ve learned in the past not to second guess myself, unless its giving off a style energy I am not fond of (overly provocative, not properly fitting or just plain ole not me ). I use to find myself staring at the mirror debating on the look of choice, why? ─ because I had others opinion in mind and not my own. What use to repeatedly annoy me the most, was hitting the scene and actually seeing the look that turned down, becausethought it wasn’t a hip pick. Oh but times have simply changed and I’ve started taking my own advice (hence the quote).  I’ll give you a realistic example: when prepping my ensemble for the Chictopia 10 Media Summit event  here, I contemplated on wearing the trend of the moment, my American Eagle faux fur vest, (even though I invested in the vest a year before it was a trending pick), I still was overly unsure if I should pair it with my H&M leopard three -quarter sleeve stretch dress, in fear that it would be too showy. But I eventually went with my first style instinct, which resulted in me receiving  ample attention for my quirky yet glam look, my first feature with themagazine(ok) here, and meeting some super chic bloggers who adored my homemade coif. So there you have it, the effect of the first choice is so much more exhilarating than the second.



photo clips courtesy of ontd.com
Today I happened to be in my room looking through my countless stack of fashion magazines (post coming soon), when I  set eyes on the Teen Vogue August 2011 issue with Taylor Swift; placed face up on my end table (one of the many places I keep my magazines until I invest in what I call; a maga-case also known as a bookcase ), what attracted me was the bold statement ─ “back-to-school style”. I always tend to skim through old issues to get a glimpse of what I may have missed. When I opened the magazine, I became a helpless romantic for the introduction photo from Taylor's fashion spread. Don’t get me wrong, she is an awesome artist, but I was more moved by her photo shoot clips rather than actually reading her article. I gathered a couple of the shots I thought were significantly inspiring to me. Reading my blog I’ve expressed frequently my admiration for feminine staples, matte lips, dreamy hair─ all things pretty to my eye.  I thought these photos captured the true spirit of beenalabella.


window wonderland

Accessorize window display clips
So, I have no shame in admitting; that I have an uber infatuation for window displays.  It puts me in the notion of visiting a candy store without actually stepping foot inside because all you can do is admire the sweetly coated concoctions; edible to the eye. While working my first Kiosk shift at Roosevelt Field Mall (ps. I'm a Banker), I periodically found myself visiting the ladies room (I blame it on the Raspberry Peach Snapple that momentarily quenched my thirst).I found myself style struck by the charming arrangement of window treatments. That's when the oohing and ahhhing began, there was one particular store called ─Accessorize; that stopped me dead in my speedy tracks, each time I passed. It was filled with bountiful girlish trinkets, I couldn't wait until my shift was complete to explore my new finding, and to actually step foot inside. When the much anticipated time finally arrived, I took on my photographer role and snapped some detailed shots with my iphone -GG ( that's my iphones name by the way; stands for Girl Genius) oh yes!, that's my other infatuation, naming my belongings.
see photos of inside Accessorize below*


lip polish

left: melon madness right: pink indulgence 
Becoming an Avon Rep has its beauty cabinet perks, I vowed once I started, that I wouldn't become my #1 customer. Well, some promises can’t help but be broken, especially when the products are extremely indispensable. I recently purchased two fabulous shades of Avon’s Super Shock Liquid Lip Shine─ pink indulgence and melon madness. The application has a luscious finish, which varies by coat. I myself prefer two coats for a matte look. The jumbo lip brush generates bountiful coverage, giving your lips a pretty pout.


summer spooktacular

Bath & Body Works, Slatkin & CO
 a. frosted cupcake candle b. frosted cupcake wallflower c. pumpkin patch candle
 d. pumpkin patch wallflower e.  spiced cider candle f. spiced cider wallflower

Even though Christmas is my most favored holiday, it's something oddly enchanting about Halloween that connects with the inner child in me. Could it be the indulging of sugary treats? ;or the idea, for one day, you can actually disguise yourself as your dream character?  I know it seems pretty random to ponder on the thought of Halloween in the heat of summer, but some subjects are worth the fuss. Growing up, decorating the house with festive accessories seemed to brighten up my spirit.  So it was no surprise (BOO!), that when I discovered these adorably scented Bath & Body Works Halloween Candles ($19.50), with matching Wallflowers($6.50); I found myself sensing that identical emotion.



photo courtesy of Jak&Jil Blog

Deciding on the perfect hairstyle; for the perfect occasion, can sometimes leave you in an imperfect state. I’ve been sporting a conservative bun for the past couple of months and my hair is in vital need of a prim fix me up. This Friday I will be a hostess for the wedding of my darling friend─ Tiffany Davis. My coif-instincts have directed me to the essence of the 50’s─ soft yet graceful curls. I came across this photo of a model while browsing the chic images of Jak&Jil Blog, instantly I was simply engaged (well one day) to her hairstyle, it was all and more of what I’ve been musing after.


fabric frock

My knack for interior design stems genetically from the roots of my grandmother.  Her ability to take a piece of bland furniture and transform it into a whimsical masterpiece; propelled my interest in doing the same. I found this photo of a psychedelic batch of patterns, while gathering photos for a prior project. The retro color palettes captivate a mirror image of the Prada ready-to-wear 2011 collection here   


love stoned

photo courtesy of teenvogue.com

Clearly it is evident that Teen Vogue magazine will always have my heart, even when I recently felt compelled to look towards a more mature direction, but when its love; its love. This afternoon I checked my mail box and long behold, the TV September 2011 issue was awaiting me. I have to admit I wasn’t quite enthused to open it immediately, until I was drawn to the 60's style deep tangelo coloured Burberry Prorsum coat, that cover girl Emma Stone was clad in. Not only was the issue packed beyond expectation, but every desirable fall staple that I craved for; was gracing the compact size pages.  Honestly I became style sick, I wanted each and every piece and found myself gasping in a coveting matter. I advise you to pick up the Teen Vogue September issue, let’s share the love.

I ♥ LB

 Lucille Ball episode #114- L.A at Last

I woke up this morning feeling super rejuvenated and in musing mode; a feeling I haven’t connected with in a while. Being a fashion writer, I decided to prep some future pieces. I begin to search my Google homepage, when I noticed an antique television with a grey heart in the screen that said; Google in script.  Followed by a peach hued arrow pointing at the TV with the word play!; engraved into it. Of course you know what I did next!. My inquisitiveness alerted me that today is Lucille Ball’s 100th Birthday, and Google created a genius dedication by featuring random I love Lucy episodes at each click. I know what you’re thinking, as a fashion advocate I should have known this, but a gal like me tends to follow mostly the fashion and not the facts (but I’m working on it). What I can say about LB; her style was effortlessly ladylike and her best accessory was her humor. Happy 100th Birthday Lucille Ball.


sunny delights

Though I am fond of a lavish pair of sunnys’, I just haven’t conquered a pair that compliment  my facial circumference; giving my peepers a pretty pick me up. This tends to leave me in awe while viewing the seasons trending looks. I have though, taken a liking for vintage inspired shapes such as, the Cat-Eye frame. This puts me in reminisce of a 50’s socialite, preparing to glisten the scene with her polished presence.


simply chic

photos courtesy of photographer Tierney Gearon

It was style at first sight when I laid eyes on this impeccable spread photographed by Lucky Magazine photographer─ Tierney Gearon and styled by Jennifer Hitzges. I became extremely excited at the posh layout; the looks captured every aspect of my style─ profoundly preppy yet soft and inviting. The juxtaposition of color blocking and print creates a wonderland that’s simply chic.