bella vs russo

Vogue's Japan editor, anna dello russo, is bringing her opulent style wits to an h&m near you this coming fall, October 4, 2012 to be approximate.  The iconic editor will be pairing with h&m on an accessory line that emulates her own precious baubles. During the first look video via fashionista, anna takes you on an exquisite tour of her home, and teases us (well me) with her unrivaled accessory collection. Being that lately I've felt the need to embellish my own, I thought to myself (after viewing the video), why not create some congenial competition with russo? (though we already know who will win). So, I snapped a shot of my sparkly trinkets, minus the fabulous home spread.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Love your Trinkets. You win in my eyes.

Love your Mom aka Pamela