sunday best,

Easter is a bunny hop away and I am musing up a bouquet-inspired look.  This vision springed from a mixture of stylish wishes, from the floral frock, powdery pink nail polish, minimal with a pop of color ankle-strap sandal paired with a prettily sweet fragrance. What is your coveted look for Easter 2013?


chic seat,

For the past couple of years I have been looking for a plush yet comfortable chair for my desk.  My search originally consisted of an all white desk chair, but my preference has changed and I am targeting a hue that I sincerely adore, pink! I visited Target.com and spotted the model fit to my needs, but my only quandary is the ‘Office Star Vista Chrome desk chair’ comes in both shades that I fancy; so I'm leaving my final choice up to my readers. Just a tip: my desk is white with a see-through glass top and the legs are stainless steel.  Let the chicest seat prevail.


gold mine,

Gold chunky link necklaces are a supreme statement piece and can be worn with any look.  I pieced together some credible picks fitting to my style range, which is a combination of  whimsically glam and casual chic. Their super fitting to a look that is all mine.

b. J.Crew
d.  Maiyet 


fresh face,

Today one of my good friends gifted me 1/3 of a beauty treatment. I’ve been looking for a suffice facial moisturizer for my overly dry skin and this new addition came right on time. It's Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion formulated for ‘very dry to dry combination’, which is step 3 in Clinique’s 3-Step Skin Care System; a facial treatment I’ve been longing to try. Presently I am using Palmer's Skin Success Even tone Complexion Soap with Vitamin E, which is doing wonders on my skin and tone; my grandmother introduced this beauty bar to me as a teenager and its effective results have not gone out of style. Therefore, I plan to combine the two, in my own 2 step regimen until I finally take the 3rd step to Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care System


short cut,



The most leg defining summer necessity is shorts, and I plan to collect a slew of them. My pickings stem from floral arrangements with unconventional patterns. The look: pair with a solid, brightly colored ankle-strap sandal similar to (here); it will minimize the girlish flair and bloom a gorgeous physique.

1. Tory Burch
2. Bluegirl 
3. Tucker
4. Aspesi


dear spring,

Grant me pastel prints with shimmery accents, sherbet lips with a pretty pout, savvy pointy nude pumps, floral surprises, pops of mellow yellow, marvelous mint, darling navy and a feminine mix. Pale pinks and blinks of denim, chunky bright earring links, over-sized bags and charming clutches. Dear spring, I could covet on and on, but there is one crew that leaves me stylishly fond! 


courtesy of J.Crew Spring 2013, nymag.com


grey romance,

This week my aunt and I were conversing bedroom décor ideas, she is presently doing some home improvement and I could not help but start musing some looks to fit her liking.  Once she expressed the color scheme of her choice, my creative wheels started to turn and my Google browser begin on the search for romantic cozy tones, in grey shades, stainless steel highlights with dark chocolate finishes.  This particular room stood out in so many ways, from the creative direction of eliminating a closet and having the clothing stylishly displayed on racks, centering the bed for a modern yet open setting, the shabby rugs giving a feminine touch and the plant adding a bloom of energy; warmed with serene white linen accents. It's romantically designed for a lovely lady.  

courtesy of IKEA 2013 Catalogue 


play clutch,

Spring is finally here and even though the weather is the complete opposite (well at least in New York), we know the warm temperature will soon follow. So, now for a bold, blocked, lightweight yet fashionable piece to play up your spring look. Chanel’s spring 2013 clutch style is borrowed from a childhood favorite, Lego blocks.  This isn’t the first time the retro colored building blocks adorned the fashion scene, but it is the first time it’s been super sized into something chic!


nail pop,

YSL’s Creative Director of Beauty, Lloyd Simmonds, hit it flawlessly on the nail with his concoction of the La Laque Couture nail lacquer collection. I selected my choices based on vibrancy with a coat of femininity.  Its super pigmented finish and fast drying action are a plus in correlation to its “enrichment of chil rose bush oil which strengthens and protects nails”. However, what I found most alluring was its petite contour and burnished top, engraved with a designer touch. visit www.sephora.com for listing of colours


shift it,


This spring I will be shifting towards something bright, bold and print savvy.  My love for the shift dress springs from my greater love for the 60’s, which I have proclaimed in previous post.  This dress is the ideal look when your aiming for playful and popular, and with the variety of styles available, you're sure to find one fitting to your silhouette. Go for flirty and fitting (dress#1) or keep it chic and comfortable, (dress #2).

1. Peter Pilotto Shift Dress, fartfetch.com
2. P.A.R.O.S.H Colour Block Dress, farfetch.com


miss mixy,

This year I’ve taken on a new principle when it comes to style, have FUN with it!  It’s that simple, so many individuals over think what they are going to wear and how they are going to wear it. When the solution is to, play up your look; pair brights with neutrals, color block, try monochromatic trends, but the fashionable of them all; mix patterns.  Polka dots, stripes, checkered, floral, geometric and the list goes on, are all some of the whimsy patterns I would love to mate. And, with the warm climate change slowly in effect, it’s a wonderful time for me to play Miss Mixy! 

Image 1: courtesy of fashionstylist20.wordpress.com
Image 2: courtesy of thefashiondrug.com


spring clean,

Before {budding}
After {bloomed}

One of my ideal places to shop for interior design looks is IKEA. Most of my apartment’s signature pieces are from the Swedish furniture store.  I visited their website to get some spring revamping ideas and saw this fresh display of room(s) being re-bloomed, titled “Home, in Full Bloom”, for the spring season. The choice of colors for the redecorated room instantly invigorated me. Tangerine orange, grapefruit pink, and black and white added a substantial blossom to the room’s original bland neutral, gray color scheme.  My notion after this room remake; I have a new take on the phrase “Spring Cleaning”. visit www.ikea.com for details on products 


be jeweled,

Jeweled headbands are a refined way to make a simple hairstyle look luxe.  Whether your hair is up or down, long or short, the slight twinkle will glamorize your appearance. With Easter forthcoming, which means pastel colored floral dresses, traces of lace, and snow-white frills; let your tresses shine bright! 


hello yellow,

Spring makeup ideas seem to be budding in my thoughts. After viewing some spring fashion week 2013 makeup looks, I found myself drawn to the color yellow. It is such a charming, delicate hue, and was one of my preferable shades for my eyelids back in the early 2000’s. Not only did I love using it in my makeup palette, I had a flair for wearing it as well, it went perfect with my sun kissed skin tone in the summer. But enough reminiscing, my spring 2013 prediction is that yellow will grace my face, giving me a “hello” sunshine look. 

Look 1: louis Vuitton
Look 2: Lela Rose


style share,

It is funny how an idea can fall out of thin air or simply through a text from a friend. This afternoon, while I was prepping my thoughts for today’s post, I saw a pleasant message from an encouraging friend. When responding back, I realized that he previously sent me a video, on this past Sunday, pertaining to scarves, (hence my last post “adorn thee”, here). I decided to click on the link once I saw he referenced it to “style”, and how the video is one of his tools for being innovative with his scarves. It is called, “25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes”, (here). It simply was the best thing I could have done because not only did I learn some inventive ways to wear scarves, I also became accustomed to a style blogger by the name of Wendy Nguyen. Besides her style, her story is remarkable (read her “about” section). Her blog is, “Wendy’s Lookbook”, which is full of gracefully lush looks. Visit www.wendyslookbook.com , and thank you Javon for my new-found style discovery!


link me,

If you’ve been following my blog for the last 4 years, you pretty much have an understanding of my mission as a blogger. The items and topics I discuss are all promotion oriented and my goal is not to just let you know what I am coveting but to also inform you on how you can purchase that particular item or look as well. This week I discovered a couple of shopping sites (mobile apps offered as well) that will be practical for your on the go style needs, along with some that I have been actively using; each with a clever catch.

1. www.lyst.com: is a site that keeps you abreast to all your favorite designers and stores in one place. By following them, you stay alert to new releases, and when those new releases eventually go on sale.  

2. www.renttherunway: have an luxurious occasion to attend but would love to be dressed in a designer look on a budget? This site lets you actually rent that one-time runway dress or jewelry for less than the actual value.  It’s pretty much borrowing the celebs approach when attending a big time event, wear once, and well you get the idea. 

3. www.thehunt.com: this shopping site allows others to hunt down the item you covet. This reminds me of a e-personal shopper, but that’s not all, you can obtain followers and display the items you hunted for others, giving you a top notch hunting status. 

4. www.shopstyle.com:my practical little shopping secret, most of the items I post are located on this chic designer search engine. The filter setting is the best because it will search the item of choice by brand, color, price, size and much more.  

5. www.thefind.com: great for local finds and affordable finds. This site filters the item(s) that you desire and even asks you would you like a nearby location. The find is great because it is not just designed for fashion finds but all finds. 


signature space,

I believe your home is usually where your passion begins. For quite some time, I have been envisioning my future office space, whether I work directly from home or find a chic building setting. Either way, it will be my signature space, sealed with my passion. Peek into some of my much-loved designers and editors homes and offices that I find à la mode!

Kate Spade and Andy Spade bedroom via www.theselby.com
Amy Astley office, Teen Vogue editor in chief , via www.thegirlinvintagedresses.blogspot.com

Diane von Furstenburg home office via www.fashioninmyeyes.com

Who What Wear editors office, via www.thetimesnewroman.com and www.wherewedesign.com


waist lift,

For someone who rarely wears belts, wait; let me rephrase that, for someone who only prefers skinny belts; I find them to be figure enhancing.  To be frank, I just started collecting belts about year ago, it took me sometime to find a style that wasn’t too bulky for my petite frame. Being that the 60’s is one of my favored fashion periods and with the array of mod looks this season, my preference has altered. I am now looking in a slightly wider, quirky yet retro mode. As a result, I pulled out my style wild card and took some notes from Kate Spade. 


face tarte,

Bronzer is my facial kryptonite; it’s one beauty accessory I find indispensable.  I consider it my quick fix without foundation; not only does it give my skin a healthy glow but it leaves a flawless finish (if you apply it moderately).  A while back I finished my preferred MAC loose iridescent bronzer, and I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement ever since. Friday March 1, marked the date I ended my search. Sephora had the perfect bronzer, the brand was Tarte, ‘Park Ave Princess’, which I was familiar with but had never tried their products. It was the first selection that the sales associate presented to me, per my request.  I asked her to apply it so that I could see how it would truly look on my skin. The finish was so light with luminosity, leaving a natural gold finish to my face.  Visit your local Sephora for the face Tarte experience. 


power hue,

Last summer, (I’d say early July), I became mesmerized with the color green, especially brighter tones. From accessories and apparel to random objects, just the idea of the color made me feel rejuvenated and empowered. Eventually, months went by and my color crush slowly faded, but, like they say, if it’s meant to be, it will come back to you; and it did. This past Friday I made a trip to Sephora for a bronzer (post coming soon), and the sales rep that rang me up had the most luminous green eyeliner on her bottom inner eyelid. I complimented her, and as she bagged my purchase, she added a booklet promoting the color of the year. When I opened the first page, the introductory line read: “Emerald, The Color of the Year, the color of possibility, the color of power”. This indication automatically took me down nostalgia lane and I knew what I had felt in the summer of 2012, was powerful.

 visit www.sephora.com  for more details on the Color of the Year: Pantone Universe


frock things,

As much as I am a color aficionado, a black and white motif seems to rule my world (my blog(s) theme, home decor, instagram photos and this current post). Justin Timberlake’s new smooth single “Suit and Tie” compliments my aesthetic; he references a black and white shindig via the lyrics: “All pressed up in black and white and you're dressed in that dress I like, Love is swinging in the air tonight, Let me show you a few things”. While listening, I can't help but picture myself in a 60’s style frock, looking stunningly mod, grooving to the hypnotic beat.  To bring my image to life, I stitched together a couple of designer dresses I love.

Check out Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie” music video (here