fall in love

photo credits: teenvogue.com

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, and while most would apply that phrase to the holiday season, I find it compatible to my favorite season, Fall.  Ah, the season of new beginnings, breezy climate and the need for chunky layers, even the outdoor smell alone is nostalgic. Though were only in the ending days of summer, I have already started patching together my looks for fall. marc jacobs fall 2012 collection is a superb example of what fall fashion should be: fun, elaborate and imaginative!  


Anonymous said...

I live for the Fall in New York which is the only place to find elaborate , breathtaking fashion of all kind. I'm in Atlanta where I have to bring them NYC Fall Fashion. As well as any season of fashion. I love New York

Your mother aka Pamela Wilson

Anonymous said...

That hat is MAJOR I love it. Marc's Fall 2012 collection is amazing so glad you did a write up about it. I haven't been able to check it out now I see why everyone loves it.

Thanks beenalabella