shoe box

Yesterday I snatched up two pair of affordably classic mossimo flats from target. In need of a quick shoe fix (for the office), I made it my task to use my lunch break as a foot- fetish- fishing moment (try saying that rapidly three times).  Each was a reasonable $14.99, which summed up what I actually wanted to spend. The leopard pair was an instant pick-me-up, who could resist a funky flat that pretty much can be paired with any hue. The black patent pair was a basic attraction, the chicest one of the bunch. I plan to couple these comfy cuties, with a clever pencil skirt. The weather has not been quite consistent with spring temps, so when we do have an expectancy of warmth, it calls for sleek yet cool attire. 


Romy said...

There's nothing better than a new pair of shoes, so two pairs at $15 is pretty much magical. They are both adorable I may have to give Target a visit, I'm in need of my own fix. I'm actually hopping to find something I can spend my money on today. Thanks for the idea.

Anonymous said...

I love them both and will be heading there today to get me both.

Xoxo Your Biggest Fan
Your mom Pamela

HighlyFavored114 said...

The leopard ones looked great with a skirt!!