crew love

I love all things j.crew!  In my imaginary world of color, mixed prints and patterns, I see myself flaunting cleverly in each look addressed above/below, but on a one -week basis imagery. Clearly knowing that if I stretch this fantasy any longer, reality would soon interrupt (not seeing these covetable pieces in my closet). I've always had a vivid imagination, though something’s I may not have yet, (and I emphasis on yet), I truly believe all things are possible, it's never displeasing to create a world of wants. My mom is a big believer in this as well, she will find a designer look and duplicate it in the most ingenious way, only difference is her look is much more price sufficient,(vintage shops) she goes by the cheap is chic motto, and of course her daughter is an advocate as well. Digressing forward, I see myself clad in each look from sunday to saturday, so I labeled my choices by my personal feelings for each day.

sundaywhen I am not singing in the choir (which requires a uniformed attire), this would be the perfect spring look for church, clean and acceptable, illustrating style but keeping it graceful

mondaythis specific day of the week we all dread, but with a practical color-block get up, you’re bound to start the week off sleek and neat 

tuesday: by now I am in a work state-of-mind and feeling a bit classy with a speck of quirky

wednesday: the middle of the week is usually a suffice time to feel relaxed and functional, and this look demonstrates both

thursday: ah, the day before tgif, by now I am pondering what my weekend holds, and my ensemble is visually verbalizing slouchy pastel glam

friday: can someone say, casual Friday!, well not quite, though my denim button-down shirt is a tailored example of just that, my striped skirt is luminously fetching

saturday: a day of comfort paired with cutesy, loose but lush, the leopard shorts are a stylish staple for the most unwinding day of the week


Anonymous said...

I love you and the blog. I am JCrew.

Your mom aka Pamela

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