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'Age before beauty' they say. Well recently, I have discovered a slight sign of aging under my eyes, faint dark circles and minimal fine creased lines (smiley face fine). I know, I am only 29 and I look 19 to some but that doesn't mean under my eyes always will. In addition, studies say that under the eyes are the first prospects of aging, hence the slew of anti-aging under-eye-creams. Nevertheless, let’s count down the many reasons why this could be oh so' suddenly happening. 

1). my lack of sleep, I constantly feel the need to work at night (house cleaning etc.), when I already work full-time during the day. Either, I am staying up surfing the net or watching a show that truly is watching me (because my thoughts are elsewhere) 2). My food intake─ you are what you eat? or what you eye? In my case I have to start interrogating my diet─, Is it healthy? What nutrients does it include? Is it beneficial to my skin? (more healthy skin details here) 3).The simple fact that I will be 30 this year, which is a sophisticated turning point in my life, kiss the carefree 20’s goodbye and embrace the thriving 30’s. And, 4). It's hereditary! Something's are just truly passed on, that is what makes us each genetically unique. With that being said, this calls for a search for the next best concealer. 

Presently using M.A.C select moisture cover, I recently observed that it tends to sink in my creases, giving me an unfinished look, as if I forgot to evenly blend. Therefore, I am on the verge of something new. I researched a couple of my beauty brands-of-choice and provided some details on the significance of each one, but I am going to need your (decision-making) help!

a.  nuetrogena 3-in-1 concealer , an ultra-blendable, multi-step regimen that instantaneously hides dark circles, minimize puffiness/fine lines, while protecting eyes with SPF 20 ( available in 4 shades) reg, $8.99

b. bobbi brown creamy concealer,  kit is an awarding winning dual cover-up, blends smoothly and brightens dark circles, increases skin moisture, 'virtually line-less finish', pressed powder sets concealor for longer wear ( available in 14 shades) $32.00

c. l’oreal visible liftLine-minimizing & tone-enhancing concealer, clinically proven to radically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Within two weeks, the 'gentle formula' also helps minimize under-eye puffiness and improvement of under-eye brightness. (available in 5 shades) $11.99 

d. clinique all about eyes concealer, applicable for all skin types, liquid texture, full coverage while disguising and de-circling/de-puffing eyes (available  in 8 shades) $16.00

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