video play

I marvel at the art of theatrical expression─ swanky costume changes, giddy scripts, mod dancing─ all blended in a vivid silhouette. Beyonce’s new video for ─“ Countdown”─ embodies all the energy of theater. She channels the charismatic character of Audrey Hepburn, in the 1957 film─ “Funny Faces”. I had a sneak peek of the video on rightupyouralyy.comin which I repeatedly played, in zeal of seeing the actual finished project. This sparked my uncovered niche for dramatic performances.  


moon shine

photo courtesy of beautylish, CND nail polish

Nail d├ęcor is a pretentious way to add zest to a basic manicure. The eponymous half-moon nail manicure─ with its dual color combo─ has adorned the mani's of super trend-developers such as, Rihanna and Beyonce (aside from the futuristic Minx concoction). It’s the evolution of nail design, no more basic color-and-go. The 1940’s effect re-surfaces an era of tip techniques. I've already begin pairing my snappy shades, in preparation for a walk on the crescent side.