designer update: tropical traces

GoomBay design, fashion sketch designer Nykarlio

The notorious concrete jungle (NYC) isn’t the only respected landmark for fashion inspiration; muse defining designs are being washed ashore from island settings and culture chic locations.  Fashion sketch artist -Nykarlio ; encompasses his Bahamian ethos, the now 18 year old  designer  isn’t a fresh face to beenalabella.com, he was first featured in January 2010 ‘watercolors’. Oh but the tides have changed, the double feature artist rippled his latest sketches to all things GoomBay. Here’s his elucidation of the festive aesthetic “Being from the Bahamas, Goombay to me represents color, fun, excitement and energy. All of these elements happened to be what I wanted to portray in this particular line so I figured, "Hey, Goombay would be the ideal name." Everything in this line "POPS" and I made sure that all the pieces were filled with beautiful colors which for me, embody Goombay .


runway news: a.m. hair talk

photo courtesy of nymag.com Diesel spring 2011 and beenalabella.com Summer 2010
It is often said that the early bird catches the worm; well in some cases. This early bird actually caught the coif?  Let me further elaborate; this morning while checking my emails and browsing the web (around 7:30 am) to be exact. I came across an engaging photo which prompted me to read the article linked to it. www.nymag.comThe Cut; featured an article  - Fifteen Genius Hair Ideas From New York Fashion Week , however it wasn’t the article that gripped my attention but merely the photo that  illustrated a  resembling hairstyle , one I’ve experimented; when  opting not to chemically relax my hair.  It enthused me to link the photos together in effort to display the similarities and also my adoration for such a simply chic look.  The new found photo is a candid from ─Diesel Spring 2011 ‘topknot at Diesel Black Gold. Though the Diesel display has a bit more of a bulbous boost, the proof is in the coif, both resemblance are rather complimenting. Click here to view the slideshow of the Fifteen Genius Hair Ideas From New York Fashion Week


clean cut: smell like a man, takers style'

1. Chanel Bleu' 3.4oz 79.00 , 2. Marc Jacobs Bang' 3.4 oz 75.00, 3. Bvlgari Man' 3.4oz 79.00, 4.YSL La Nuit Del' Homme 3.4oz 75.00 available at Nordstrom

In the fancy lyrics of eloquentive rapper Drake; ‘better late than never’─ So I finally had the chance to view the action/thriller motion picture─TAKERS; featuring a distinguished collection of star studs─ Chris brown, Idris Elba, Paul Walker ,T.I and Hayden Christensen to name a salient few. I was riveted by the well-groomed/clever attire that was selected for the characters wardrobe. During the film I developed a cinema crush for the character─ A.J (Hayden Christensen) he exalted; with his spruce manner and complimentary urbane fedora. Did the silver screen inspire me? Profusely. Each character had their own distinctive style and demeanor. beenlabella.com decided to take matters into her own hands and tie her ferocious four with autumns trending fragrances.


blog contest: click click win!

photo courtesy of: wednesday-london.com
Dear Readers,

beenalabella.com has entered the lanvin for H&M  'vote for my  blog competiton' ''its a competition that allows your readers to show how much they like your blog" .The final prize consist of an exlusive trailor of the Lanvin for H&M fashion show. beenalabella.com would love your support, simply click on the banner to the right, which enters your vote. Thank you all for your support . contest ends October 7, 2010




sound bite: bubblegum fun

Recently I was referred by one of my readers (MK, Charlotte, NC) to check out Rihanna’s NEW music video─ ‘who’s that chick’. I have to say; I was totally spellbound by the psychedelic colors that splashed across the screen. It was like the quirky chic─ Harajuku Girls; visit the whimsy─ Candyland, the electrifying techno track produced by French house producer─  David Guetta intensified the animated aesthetic.  What’s your views on Ri Ri’s retro-chic approach?


love-her-look: shala monroque

As a fashion writer superlative style is imperative, 31 year old editor at large of British phenom; Pop MagazineShala Monroque, illustrates this theory with brilliancy. beenalabella.com first look at the chic demoiselle was her panache spread in the September 2010 issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. It was an instant love -her -look at first sight. Monroque’s thread for eccentrically rich hues, tribal garnishing combined with minimalism pieces, defines her look ─breathtakingly effortless. visit: www.harpersbazaar.com for more looks


mens style: drama king

who: Beau Averee, 20 what: Brazilian, Costa Rican, and Salvadorean. where: Long Island, NY why: theatrically androgynous stitched with a ferociously structured display


fashion week event: chictopa10 media tech summit

beenalabella@ Chictopia10 summit, photography: Cj James
vest: american eagle, dress: H&M, tights: target, shoes:miss sixty, hair bow: H&M , bracelets/earrings/rings: forever21, heart ring: RUYA closet

On Sunday September 12, 2010 beenalabella.com attended the Chictopia10 Media Tech Summit held at the illustrious Union Square ballroom in NYC. The Chictopia10 summit: is where global online taste makers meet executives from premium brands. The conference/luncheon consist of a refined round-table setting, collective with a room full of stylish attendees. Fashion/style bloggers, PR, photographers, editors, magazine representatives and so forth, gathered in a debonair setting to discuss branding, technology, trendsetting and social media. From a bloggers perspective, I found the discussion to be unpretentiously informative and practical. The panels were fashioned with a respected collaboration of speakers that each delivered their views on assigned subjects.


beauty index: curly coif

Versatility and convenience are principal facets when choosing a hairstyle. Natural Stylist Karen Wilson accedes to this factor with one additional basis ─manageability. Karen specializes in Natural Hairstyles, her video tutorials are constructed in the form of a coif DIY( do-it-yourself), she implies ;"If women knew the basic styling techniques and have the appropriate and quality products, natural styling can be done at home!". I viewed the video and was simply amazed at the effective transformation due to the products usage. In the tutorial Karen is applying Mira Curl Curling Jelly application which is formulated to boost and lengthen your natural curls. Visit www.happyhairboutique.com to purchase Mira Curl Curling Jelly


pick me up


(Inside "content") 

While shopping this afternoon in the local mall, I spotted a piece of style candy. The Swedish au courant clothing company ─H&M─ released their autumn 2010 seasonal fashion magazine oozing with beguiling editorials and trend references. I couldn’t refrain from sharing a sneak peek of the inviting content that will have you awestruck for the modish. Visit H&M stores for a copy