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Dip your tips in autumn’s chicest shades. ESSIE nail polish distributes its’ NEW fall collection ─available September 1, 2010. Visit your local beauty supply store to experience the à la mode hues; analogous to this seasons prevailing styles. visit essie.com for more colours


bbm style-shot

The blackberry messenger epidemic (aka) BBM is the #1 gadget for sending instant messages, (that’s (if) you own a blackberry cell phone). This trendy tool is such a hit, that the competitive iPhone now offers a BBM App, along with Blackberry advertising a BBM Commercial, my response to the buzz ─ SWEET!. beenalabella.com decided to join in on the fun and create a feature goaded by her favorite, (uploading icon images). As a blackberry owner I’ve scrolled across a few chic images that lured me to hit “view profile and enlarge”, so I thought it would only be fitting to reveal the looks of such hip flicks.

NAME: Shari Elena Power

AGE: 18

BB series: Blackberry Bold 9000

HOMETOWN: Charlotte, NC

PERSONAL STYLE: To sum it up. It would be un-describable Lol

FAV BBM FEATURE: Haha the quick access to fellow Blackberry users :)


sound bite: ear buzz

Lyrical anthems are always a fresh way to start a trend. I actually heard this song "COOLER THAN ME" for the first time today on 106.1 KISSFM. The track is electrifying and the hook is addictively catchy, I couldn’t compose myself from repeating it (smile). I was so pumped that I tweeted how much I loved it but didn’t know who the artist was, in minutes I was sent a reply by a (non-follower) stating the artist was MIKE POSNER. Could it have been lyrical fate? , check out the video, I'll let you be the judge.

Happy Sunday!


I adore thee

Contrary to posting photos from the MARC JACOBS FALL/WINTER 2010/2011 collection; I felt the focal need to feature the video instead. What can I say about the grunge guru that would exhibit my profound emotion for his craft?, he is momentous to the fashion industry, one of the core arteries pumping the heart of the business. Jacobs musical preference for the spectacle of his collection was a classical rendition of ─“Over the Rainbow”, can I say virtuously brilliant!


to bey or not to bey?

Queen Bey is once again on the fashion radar. The social networks are instigating a media frenzy over her vacay get-up. Her and husband Rap tycoon─ Jay-Z are presently vacationing in St. Tropez while the paparazzi is having a flicking field day exposing her look. OMG!(via yahoo.com) labeled it“Garish”. In Beyonce's defense,“Fashion is a worn opinion”(via beenalabella.com) if the affluent bootylicious diva is content in her article of clothing ,than so be it, will it ruin her crowning career? Hail No!

What’s your thoughts on Beyonce’s style choice?


sound bite: swedish kiss

Sweet notes crooning in a soft pitch melodic─ Swedish indie singer─ Lykke Li 's music video "little bit" illustrates pure vintage panache sealed with a swedish kiss, while her look utters futuristic chic. Although the video was released in 2009, its timeless features make      it perpetual ,more than just a little bit. visit www.lykkeli.com for more music


double do with Sue

beenalabella.com and RightUpYourAly,
pair up for a (2) on 1 interview with posh jewelry designer Sue Tsai.

Cali' chic─ (bebe powder blue denim distressed mini shorts w/"her own added chain accents", white off shoulder/sleeveless top, passion pink flip flops, accessorized in "her's truly" Sue Tsai jewelry), topped with a rose-dream LV speedy bag; meek with a fresh face (no makeup, non-necessary) & great taste; this describes the free-spirited look of jewelry designer Sue Tsai, while interviewed by Fashion bloggers Karina (beenalabella) and Alyreche (RightUpYourAly). The 23 year old Taiwanese designers avidity to enter the opulent world of jewelry design, emerged from multiple avenues of interest- her parents ownership of a porcelain jewelry line (presently lucrative), while shopping she would come across items that she would love to reconstruct followed by her inner creativity. Tsai fondness for designing lead to her studying graphic design and marketing while attending Hofstra University, Long Island NY, she later launched her collection Sue Tsai Designs in 2007.