pencil sharp

The fit of a garment can make or break your look. About 6 months ago a good friend of mine {Ebony} had some pencil skirts given to her that weren't the right fit, me being consignment chic, I was more than happy to take the unfitting weight off of her. The skirts were exactly my type, since around that time I was coveting the j.crew pencil skirts in the fall 2011 catalog. However, I cannot elaborate on the skirts without revealing a small detailed secret about the present fit. OK, so instead of cleaning my skirts the instructed way (dry cleaning), I decided to wash them at home (not the best idea). I took them out of the  washing machine and noticed that the liners were longer than the hems. I was appalled and extremely indecisive on keeping them because I thought I had ruined them for good. (Did I forget to mention that I recently lost some weight, and the skirts were a tad big in the waist before my cleaning mishap? "OK, maybe I did!"). Well my fairy garment-mother was on my side; I tried the skirts on for a final fitting and noticed that they were exactly true to my current size, (a little shrinking action did wonders). I had the liners fixed and Viola!, two seasons and one cleaning malfunction later, I was finally ready to sharpen my look pencil sharp!  (Check out my double rendition of each look, I wore this past week below).   image above: j.crew fall 2011 catalog, courtesy of camille styles

monday: Gap purple and white gingham button down shirt, blueberry blue pencil skirt,betsey johnson leopard & diamonds watch, forever 21 and h&m bracelets 
tuesday: mossimo olive green v-neck cardigan, cranberry pencil skirt, american eagle bronze metal & multi-diamond choker, both paired with mossimo leopard flats

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Anonymous said...

The pencil skirt is so Classy, paired with pumps or flats.

Love you my Fashionista
Your Mother aka Pamela