elle girl

photos courtesy www.marieclaire.com

Romantic fabrics have always been a favorite of mines, warm tones and soft palettes stir up exuberant feelings. Marie Claire July 2011 issue placed emphasize on this, spotlighting─ Elle Fanning, 13, kid sister of young Hollywood actress─ Dakota Fanning ,17. I selected a couple of chic shots that signify my style personality.


welcome to the doll house

I originally met Victoria Shelton founder/owner of Paper Doll Boutique through a mutual friend in 2007. Since then I’ve been nothing but jubilant over her booming success as a young entrepreneur. Victoria started her own business at 19, while most wouldn’t deem investing in such a consuming profession at a young age, she executed her venture with style, wits and poise. 3 years later; reigning at 23, Victoria continues to fashion Brooklyn with her signature dollhouse motif. Above is a Paper Doll Boutique promo video inside the dollhouse!

Victoria Shelton and Partner Ali Kirkland