dear autumn,

Billie Holiday- Autumn in New York 

Today is the first day of a magical season; clad in a chunky knit sweater of new beginnings. It’s the effervescency of climate change and quixotic moods. And what better introduction, than a classic musical selection that’s irrefutably fitting to the start of─ Style!


lite brite

photo courtesy of beautylish, Milly spring/summer 2012 
Lately I've been attracted to the brighter things in life─ neon(y) matte lip colors, [glowing] dewy skin, peek-a-boo lashes, and bubbly nail colours. The photo above is a ─picture perfect─ visual of my aesthetic. With autumn two days away, it doesn't mean that we should refrain from vibrant spring/summer tones, but rather expressively combine them with fall's neutral palettes. They say, "a picture is worth a thousand words"; well this one holds a million inspirations


hair control

Sharing is hair caring, ok well maybe that's not exactly the way the statement goes, but you've guessed the topic. My co-worker/friend Shomekau introduced me to my new hair remedy. Prior to; I've aimed for products specifically to tame my fine edges. Commonly after a wash and set, my hair looks perfectly prim, but after a few days, my edges tend to frizz up, which leaves me with a half polished coif. I've subjected myself to gel and Soft Sheen’s jam (extra hold) but it doesn't seem to last or it becomes extremely greasy or flaky. At last my solution has come along─ a non-greasy, non-flaky, contains no alcohol, produces superior hold and is excellent for relaxed and natural hair─ Organic Root Stimulator, Olive Oil Edge Control. I've used Olive Oil products in the past; the relaxer and oil sheen are superb. Of course I had to test it out for proper referral, and I was very satisfied with the results, when I opened the disk shaped container, I could tell that it provided super control, the texture of the gel is a plus. My small sample lasted the whole day, without a dull moment, giving off sleek and shiny edge control.  Available at Sally Beauty Supply and Walgreens.


cute as a button

Saw this feature on Beautylish, and thought I would do a video share. I love quirky, girlish hair pieces and fun buttons too. It's a simple D.I.Y with an adorably dollish outcome. The video was originally uploaded here, amongst fresh make-up tutorials.  Would you try this cutesy quick fix to dress up your hair? I know I would at the drop of a button. Happy Friday!


fashion neighbor

It’s a beautiful day for my favorite magazine,
A beautiful day I’m elated,
Can’t wait to read mines,
Teen Vogue is mines

I have always dreamed of working for a fashion magazine, just like you,
I’ve always dreamed of working one day, for you

So I’ll read the October issue on this beautiful day
Since it’s almost autumn, I might as well say
Can’t wait to read mines,
Teen Vogue is mines,
Gosh, I feel elated


beauty vote

Neero & Ana "sugarcoated secrets" satin hydrated pillowcase
beenalabella.com has partnered with Neero & Ana for their nomination as Beauty Brand of the Year, presented by HBA Global ( Health & Beauty Association). As an owner of this fabulous essential, I was more than thrilled to show my support. Why vote for Neero & Ana you ask?─ These organically hydrated satin pillowcases are formulated to perform a dual overnight regime; it’s contrived from botanical elements, 100% plant cellulose/wood pulp foundation. Their designed to breathe,"Offering overnight comfort, control and protection", locking in your hair and skins natural moisture; contrary to cotton pillowcases that defeat this purpose by absorbing moisture. With today’s industry targeting an eco-friendly approach, nature has become functional in relation to beauty treatments. Women today live immoderately multi-tasked lifestyles, working full-time, attending college, and participating in extra-curricular activities, which can cause a great deal of stress on their outer appearance. They'll invest in daily beauty rituals to keep themselves looking refreshed and youthful, but what about during the night? , When the skin loses its natural impurities and hair becomes dehydrated from moisture, causing dullness and breakage.

Some have become accustomed to instant results, when it comes to hair and skin care; opting to purchase an ample amount of products based on high price and mass ingredients,(I myself have fallen victim to this philosophy). The hydrated pillowcase are beneficial yet sufficient for those who don’t have the time to prep hair and pamper skin before going to bed. The pillowcases range in a punchy assortment of therapeutic hues creating a rejuvenating sleeping experience, I purchased an electric pink shade. As a young woman living an active lifestyle, this product puts less stress on my nightly routines(no night scarf needed). Its around-the-clock skin and hair care prepping stimulates a luminous subtle appearance. With this indispensable product, you’re bound to define the true meaning of beauty sleep. Now that I've pretty much informatively summed up potential questions, its time to Vote!, simply click on the icon at the upper right-hand side of my blog. The winner will be announced on Sept 21, 2011. I sincerely thank all my readers for your support!


missoni mayhem

In my witty reporter tone:  Italian fashion house Missoni, launched its highly anticipated Target line today. The Westbury, N.Y Target was in for a fashion fiasco, when it was reported that avid fans of the quaintly patterned 400-piece collection here, awaited at the mist of dawn (4:30am to be approximate) for the glass doors to glide open allowing them to pursue their covetable needs. Imani L,18, a Westbury Target sales associate, started her shift at 8a.m. She declared the scene- “worse than Black Friday”, she stated that frantic customers were impulsively grabbing items off the racks; with no remorse for the shoppers to come, sporadic quarrels spurred up over the limited amount of pieces that were left─"I felt shocked and nervous, it got really violent, I was scared for the safety of me and other shoppers. This just makes me look at some people different when it comes to material things"; she exclaimed . One customer as Imani explains; spent a steeping $4,000 in one purchase, talk about chic chaos. Via online sources (www.bostonherald.com)Target.com crashed early a.m due to the over consumption of online shoppers; causing the site to become un-accessible. But that’s not the completion of my mode report, I took it upon myself to inspect the specified commentary, and visited the Westbury Target store this evening, I would have to say the Missoni billboard was the only indication of its debut, not a stitch of multihued knit wear insight.  On a preliminary sales note, I predict a lucrative increase. I’m Karina Hill reporting via blogspot, on beenalabella.com. 


pillow talk

Today my mom sent me some amazing photos of my grandmother’s latest re-upholstering  projects; I was in awe at the whimsy selection of fabrics used to revamp her pillows, so cheerful and inviting; an elaborate display of glee. The combinational prints are a fitting touch for the plush black couch. Wondering where I get my flair for mod patterns and punchy colours?;the photos above are an ideal hint.


3 times a charm #idreamofteen

Teen Vogue cronies, from left to right: Leigh Belz, Victoria Lewis and Eva Chen
Do you believe in magic? Well that's how the day seemed yesterday at the Teen Vogue HauteSpot event, held at the Lincoln Center for fashion week, surreally magical! The weather did an absolute 360 from dreary heavy showers to warm sun kissed skies (God was definitely in my favor). Arriving at the TV event with longtime friend/style blogger Aly from rightupyouralyy.com; we entered the chic mix with super excitement, the room was brightly clad in all things Teen Vogue. Of course I was overly ecstatic, being that this is my 3rd Teen Vogue event, (hence the blog title). We spontaneously dipped and dabbled into all that the HauteSpot offered; glamorous makeovers by Maybelline, a live performance by American Idol phenom─Pia Toscano(actually new to my musical ear), a bloggers corner, where we tweeted our pretty little hearts away, and the finale (my unmentioned mission). A chance to meet the teen queen herself; the editor in chief of Teen Vogue, Amy Astley (yes I was actually anxious, as if it was my first time) along with her charming assistant─Victoria Lewis, dashing Beauty Director ─Eva Chen and sweetheart Senior Features Director─Leigh Belz. And when that time finally approached, let's just say I made it worth every dreamy minute. Check out the cool pix from a day @ the HauteSpot!
Ps. my vintage cognac leather pencil skirt was a shop RUYA fall staple 


style power

2.Jenna Lyons, President and Creative Director of J. Crew 3.Savannah and Sienna Miller, Co-Creative Directors of Twenty8Twelve 4. Wen Zhou, CEO of Phillip Lim, 11. June Haynes, Senior Vice President for Retail at Valentino

Living in a relatively male dominated world; the fashion industry is one, that women have an equal, yet rather influential status because their dominantly the muse. From senior year beginnings, I knew fashion would be my definitive career choice; which was explained here. My aunt Kecia, a fashion aficionado, emailed me this article from More.com, a few days ago- Fierce Female Fashion Executives (read here).  Not only were the 12 featured women pretty powerful, but it activated an enthusiastic urgency to get my career going, as a notable fashion writer/CEO of beenalabella.


susie shop

Nothing like an early morning browse of refreshingly clever style; my a.m coveting began at approximately, 7a.m. The subject: London based, Susie Lau of Style Bubble ; one fashion blogger with an idiosyncratically smart fashion sense. Susie was selected to showcase her style for Topshop's Edited space at Oxford Circus (Manchester's Arndale Centre, London Flagship). Her unconventional niche for garment layering, chunky prints, and opaque accents; quirkishly adorns the fall presentation for Topshop. Visit Topshop.com for more online sample staples from Susie’s Edited space.


september issue

 The promises we keep; are the ones we truly mean, with that said the image above is more than self explanatory, its sufficient evidence and supporting detail to the context of here. To refresh a new readers eye, I explicated in a previous post (fall addiction), that I made a self-pact to collect every September issue of my fav fashion magazines. Long behold, I have successfully adhered to doing so; not in attempt to exemplify superficial behavior, but to exude my sincere appreciation for the 3 f's─ fall, fashion and fabulousness!

sweet thank you'

Every good deed deserves a scrumptious desert. Last month I volunteered to assist with my jobs Kiosk, located at Roosevelt Field Mall, and I was rewarded in the form of delectable perfection. Our Membership Development department personally thanked me with a dappled box of Dylan's Candy Bar Gourmet Graham Crackers covered in assorted toppings ─peanut butter chips, mini chocolate buttons, rich dark chocolate, and covered rainbow nonpareils. I love the insert on the back of the box after the toppings description─ Go on & have some. Have ∙a ∙lot because too much of a good thing is wonderful─ my thoughts precisely.


wintour wisdom

Browsing through noteworthy style blogger, BryanBoy blog site, I was enthused by a video he featured from Forbes Power Women 2011; it was an interview with Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. The content of the video is effortlessly inspiring for any individual attempting to break in to the fashion industry. After watching The September Issue documentary a few months ago, my perspective of Wintour’s scrupulous character totally altered, as if  her persona was originally a condescending fit and needed to be charmingly tailored, (pretty far-fetched for a metaphor, but you get my drift). I respect the organic delivery that Anna emitted during the documentary and the Forbes feature. I found her outlook of the industry to be absolutely opposing to my initial views, and gained a true conception of who she truly is─ "being true to herself", her final envelope of advice (stated in the video) to all venturing into the industry.