print shop,


The easy breezy trend for the summer is a pair of print trousers; add a simple tank top or flowy blouse and you have a sophisticated yet uber cheeky garb.  Trousers can be worn in the workplace or for a weekend treat; whichever setting you decide the quirkier the better.  So what are you waiting for? stock up on some playful prints; your legs will thank you later.


strawberry and cream,


My new go-to site for chic home décor images is Pinterest.  I was browsing today and laid eyes on two images that had something charming in common; the color scheme. I am all for clean and romantic tones, and these were that and more. The strawberry pink, tan and cream hues make it such a gorgeous sight. 


vanilla scoop,

With age comes wisdom and with fashion comes an upgrade?, well in my case the upgrade would be my bag preference,  from my teenage years up until my newly reached 30’s (woohoo), I have been a purchaser of small bags, whether it was a trendy clutch, cross-strap or shoulder bag. But now, this small bag lady is seeking bigger, chicer, and the color (summer oriented) is just as tasteful as the style.  


butter love,



My toes are in need of a pink-me-up, and butter London nail polish seems to have a sundry of shades.  Besides pink being my lipstick color preference, it is also on my polish list this summer. In the summer, my complexion goes for the gold (aka sun kissed), and pink hues are the most flattering.  I visited Sephora’s website and visually racked up four posh shades that would make my feet happy. 

1. Teddy Girl-bubble gum pink
2. Kerfuffle-opaque pink coral
3. Trout pout-opaque cantaloupe
4. Primrose Hill Picnic-tropical pink fuchsia 


dress pattern,

Today I was inspired by the stylish ladies at my job. It seemed as if the introduction of summer provoked a dress to impress memo.  There were a variety of bright summer dresses sashaying around the corporate floor, from flirty baby doll to sweetheart tunic; the colors, prints and textures were entrancing to the eye. Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture these ladies with full body candid’s due to compliance guidelines, but I was able to get a snippet of their eclectic prints and patterns.  And, even though I was dressed in neutral conservative wear, I found myself feeling inner glee, as if I was a part of the frock party.


mix match,



Now that summer is formally here, summer wear is in full swing.  The heat brings out the coolest clothing and daring prints, which calls for some mixing action.  My vision for this hipster combination was having simple fun with fashion, yet still making it elaborate through pattern designs. The colors mesh wonderfully, and will have you feeling panache on those summer nights. 


bloom room,

One of the décor ideas I always loved for my home, was having a fresh bouquet of flowers (preferably pink) gracing my counter top, desk or bathroom sink. The presence of a floral aesthetic calms your mood and exudes a sense of peace and cheer combined. As a writer and thinker of whimsy thoughts, flowers stem warm feelings evoking beautiful visions.

images courtesy of AV Pinterest 


glam me,


You can never have enough accessories, like makeup, they enhance your look.  I’ve been in love with Topshop accessories and clothing since I discovered them back in 2009. And, while spontaneously browsing, I visually snatched up some drop earrings that sparkle with power pink stones and spiked accents, a set of shimmery gold bangles with rhinestone hints and a chunky collared necklace sure to add posh-edge to any ensemble. Overall, my picks were selected with one word in mind, Glam!


blush up,

Flipping through my July 2013 issue of O magazine, I landed on the O. Beautiful page, which featured four rosy shades of gel blush. Estee Lauder concocted a beauty pick me up that is sure to give you a natural summer glow; with a tint of color that is. This pretty product is called Estee Lauder Pure Color Cheek Rush and the four punchy shades are Hot Fuse, Pink Patent, Techno Jam and X-Pose Rose.  Blush is key component for producing a fresh face and these transparent, water-based gels do just that. 


jelly bean,

a. b.


The cutest sandals on the market this summer are made flexibly modish. Jelly sandals bring me back to my childhood and remind me of the fun in the sun days, when I had not a worry but was filled with awesome wonder. The colors are vividly sweet, the style is comfortable and the look: “I don’t think you’re ready for this Jelly!”.

 1. Old Navy
 2. J.Crew
 3. Michael Kors 


nautical mile,

Seaside style never seems to fade, and the summer is the model time to embark on it.  I’ve always adored a chic sailor look, which tends to consist of blue, red or white hues. However, adding a blush color would soften up the look.  Therefore, I paired a perfectly soft coral sweater with a dashing navy and white stripe dress; this look screams resort sweet. 


pink mix,

While musing about home décor, my kitchen came to mind. Target always has the best household supplies, and lately I’ve been intrigued by this flamingo pink  KitchenAid baking set. Not only did the color capture my interest, but it reminded me of one the sweetest people I know, my sister.  My sister is a cupcake baker, and it is hard not to indulge in one of her delectable sweets. I could see her whipping up a sugary confection with this tasteful mixing set, just for me. 


hoop dreams,

I cannot remember the last time I sported a pair of gold hoops, if I had to guess it would have been circa 2006. 7 years later and I am dreaming of hoops, whether circle or triangle, big or small, I am ready to reunite.  Gold earrings are sleek and versatile, and can be worn with pretty much any style preference, adding a golden touch.


deep condition,

During the summer, my hair takes a turn for the dry and frizz. Which means stocking up on conditioner is vital. I pretty much have tried an abundance of effective conditioners, from strengthening masques, mayonnaise mixes, curl enhancers and protein infusers. Now I am interested in thickness and growth. Organix products have been on my “to try” list for a while now, and after researching the various collections and immeasurable press, I can see why. There are two lines that I have been drawn to; The Biotin and Collagen conditioner for its thickening results and the Keratin Oil anti-breakage conditioner to promote healthy hair growth. Whichever I buy, I have a feeling it will be worth the try.


shoe fly,

Sophia Webster takes whimsical to the highest heel with her playful designs. Her shoes tell a story, from animated details to funky patterns, they make a statement with each stride. I discovered Sophia’s designs on Instagram and it was love at first glance. I instantly started following her, in expectation of seeing her wonderland of heels glide across my timeline.


wrap around,

Summer time isn’t all about the simple, cool wear; there’s also times when sophistication can play a leading role. So, with that said, I was looking for a lightweight, flattering dress and a wrap dress came to mind. It’s Diane von Furstenberg’s signature motif and a favorite in my family. The wrap dress takes me back to feminine classic days, when being a lady was essential. I found two dresses that would flatter me on those hot summer days and cool summer nights. 


love owls,

IKEA never misses a beat with its home goods and the summer items are sizzling. It’s a mixture of patterns, prints and nature all captured in a cheerful aesthetic. However, it was the nature that intrigued me most, and a distinctive bird, whom which I never really gave much thought to, an owl. But there is beauty in all of God’s creatures and this artsy, light fuchsia, black and white pillow cushions, exude just that with the most avant-garde owls I have ever seen. 

available at www.IKEA.com


just incase,



Style goes beyond your fingertips, and having a chic cell phone case can liven up your look. It’s a popular accessory for the most valuable item we use daily, why not dress it up with an animated case. At the moment I am using my pink jelly Marc by Marc Jacobs logo case, which is durable, protective and not to mention, so perfect for me. But there is nothing wrong with checking out the new covers in town, just in case I am in the mood for a playful switch. 

2. DVF


orange hue,

MAC went for Asian persuasion with its new shade of the moment.  The collection is called “All About Orange”, which consist of a range of orange shades for lips, eyes, face and nails. MAC labels it “the new global super shade that pops with sizzle and cool sophistication". Being that I already have an orange MAC blush and I am not really a lip glass girl, my preferences would be a sassy lipstick and electric nail lacquer to get my summer party started.


beach feet,

June is finally here which means the first day of summer is a flip-flop away.  Lately we’ve been getting a taste of beach weather, causing our feet to want nothing but a cool covering. Flip-flops are the breeziest comfort sandal, and now with the mixture of non-solids, the graphic print flops are a stylish addition to any summer number. Victoria Secret has a sundry of sweet prints; polka dot, floral and stripes, oh my, their worth a try.