tribal treat

Ever went into a store for one thing and walked out with another (several things)? pretty sure we all have. Well, I did not exactly walk out with the extra things, but I snapped some photos of them for sharing purposes. With the intentions of checking out of target (my second visit this week), I spotted these adorable tropical tribal print strapless sundresses. I have noticed a sporadic sprinkle of Aztec prints popping up this season. Yesterday when I fetched my precious flats, (previous post) I came across these punchy Aztec flats, but unfortunately, they did not have my size. The dresses were an immediate reminder and stirred up this beloved post. below: dresses ea. $24.99 , flats $14.99 and h&m sunglasses $9.95, above: teen vogue May issue hot tropic spread.

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HighlyFavored114 said...

I couldn't choose which one I liked more especially since the weather is getting warmer and vacation season has begun, so I ended up leaving with none. Now I'm tempted to go back and just pick one...or 2. Thanks for the confirming blog!