wishlist 2012

Now that we're 4/12 into the new year, I can’t help but mentally prepare a list of all my materialistic wants (ok, I could have thought of a better term, but that’s kind of what it is right?). Wishing forward, I’ve had my eyes on a savvy pair of tortoise print eyeglasses for quite sometime, ever since I purchased my black chloe pair a year ago. I technically only need them for reading, but those small moments deserve a wink of style and versatility. When it comes to my pout, I’ve been craving for a new shade. Currently owning three vivacious pink hues; it’s now time to paint my lips with a pop of bright coral. On the other hand, my wrist has begun to covet a gold face. My square face, pink diamond trimmed rose gold betsey johnson watch(one of my priceless investments) needs a new bff, so what better than my second favorite designer ─ marc jacobs. And to finalize my  list of wishes and wants, the perfect classic and durable staple; an all American handbag─coach madison sophia satchel in black leather with gold accents.  So, now that I shared mine, I’d love to hear yours; what's on your wishlist for 2012?



Anonymous said...

We are so aliike. I want the same glasses. The coral will look great on your lips. Pucker Up NYC

Pamela aka Your Mother

Anonymous said...

I love the Marc by Marc watch, i'm in need of a new watch too. I promised so long ago that I would share my wish list with you too. Here it is!