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Jil Sander
Not all sweet tooths’ consist of sugary treats; some come in the form of wearable confections. This spring 2011; designers baked up a sassy batch of coquettish looks, each intended to express their love for the season’s prevalent trend─ Colour! In musing mode, I gathered a chic constellation of my favored looks for the spring/summer; ones’ that I would love to replicate affordably, by adding my own whimsical twist.  Which designers' look are you craving this season?
Christian Dior





Tommy Hilfiger

Marc by Marc Jacobs


glam child

Cover girl Selena Gomez
You’ve got mail─ Well it wasn’t exactly an email I received  ( referencing the signature AOL  email alert) but a rather compact delectable ─Teen Vogue  June/July 2011 issue; one that I uber adore with every fashionable inch of me. Gracing the balmy cover─ Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place actress turned singer ─Selena Gomez.  After reading Selena’s feature with inquisitiveness─ my findings: Gomez is the girlfriend of Teen heartthrob ─Justin Bieber, a Texas native; former cast member on Barney & Friends, has a flourishing clothing line with Kmart─ Dream Out Loud and will be starring in a upcoming movie ─Monte Carlo─ in which she plays Cordelia ─ a British socialite ─ opposite of Leighton Meester, Katie Cassidy and Cory Monteith.  What can I say, through chic observation about the “Who Says” songstress? ─Selena's look has transfigured, she traded in her girl-next-door staples for a more darling demeanor.  Check out my top picks of SG’s magical style.