glam mani

The prettiest way to dress up your nails; is with blushing color and glittered drips. Teen Vogue posted a sweet DIY for creating a “retro –glam manicure”, click here for the step by step tutorial by Hollywood nail artist─ Madeline Poole.


ear baubles

No newbie to beenalabella.com;  Alyreche of rightupyouralyy.com─  has graced her presence on several occasions, here and here.  Her latest beaded creations allow her to showcase her most valuable trademark ─"herself", which she defines as  "a book that can't be read". The style blogger states─ "So when I think of a design to do, it is based on nothing anyone would actually think of. Do not get me wrong, I have many inspirations as an obsessive shopper/style blogger but I don't want anyone looking like anyone else so I am going towards that unique gift to my ladies".  Her designs are super eclectic and affordable, with price ranges based on earring size─ small $6, medium $8 and large $10─talk about a chic deal. She aims for a non copycat trend,  “My designs always change pretty much. I may do a few of the same or similar when creating but best believe that won't happen when the next line is designed. I love to keep the mind "guessing”, she affirms. Aly is at the moment, shoveling up a pile of minimalist winter looks, keeping the color scheme quite basic─grey, black, and white, which will now be sold in local salons.  Visit RUYA Facebook  fan page for viewing and purchasing.  
1. medium pair, 2. medium pair
1. small pair, 2. medium pair

1. medium pair, 2. medium pair