The leaves aren’t the only illustration of change this season. The fall is the mother of all that is ever-changing, giving birth to a plethora of trends. This autumn, fashion is taking a round trip to the past, visiting silhouettes from the tailored 40's to the punk 80's, but does that mean, we as the consumer should as well? I project that it all depends on the shopper, and what they plan on frolicking in during the cozy weather.  As a fashion researcher and magazine subscriber, I’ve studied former looks and noticed a redundancy in trends. At times, fashion can feel forced, and as a style enthusiast one may infer that dressing parallel to a magazine editorial will make them stylishly adequate. I suggest, if you’re going to exercise your style strength, it is necessary that you include a touch of you. Your personal style, combined with an existing trend (that you truly respect), builds a lucrative look, take heed and proceed.

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