décor inspired

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been a dreamer. I can revisit sitting in my room, and fantasying about my future, pondering what I wanted to be and what role I would play in life. Day dreaming was a keen characteristic of mine, my imagination would run vigorously. In school was one of the primary places that I would exercise such a trait, because I always saw beyond the classroom walls.  At age 9, I remember telling my grandmother that I wanted to open a salon for kids because I enjoyed doing hair. As I reached my early teens I took on a debate quality; which lead me to wanting to become a lawyer (Criminal Justice). Then my senior year of high school approached and I took on a new found Love─ (deep sigh )─ Fashion!. Technically I shouldn't label it new found because it was always there, just suppressed within my wonderland of career chooses. Presently, I've combined my love for fashion with my God-given gift writing. I have aspirations of one day contributing to a fashion magazine, particularly Teen Vogue, hence ─I dream of teenhere and here. Reverting back to my dreamer demeanor, the photo above is one of my wall decors. I purchased the Dream poppy graphic letter blocks from Target a few months ago; I have it hanging in the corner wall of my room at eye level for daily inspiration. 

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