window wonderland

Accessorize window display clips
So, I have no shame in admitting; that I have an uber infatuation for window displays.  It puts me in the notion of visiting a candy store without actually stepping foot inside because all you can do is admire the sweetly coated concoctions; edible to the eye. While working my first Kiosk shift at Roosevelt Field Mall (ps. I'm a Banker), I periodically found myself visiting the ladies room (I blame it on the Raspberry Peach Snapple that momentarily quenched my thirst).I found myself style struck by the charming arrangement of window treatments. That's when the oohing and ahhhing began, there was one particular store called ─Accessorize; that stopped me dead in my speedy tracks, each time I passed. It was filled with bountiful girlish trinkets, I couldn't wait until my shift was complete to explore my new finding, and to actually step foot inside. When the much anticipated time finally arrived, I took on my photographer role and snapped some detailed shots with my iphone -GG ( that's my iphones name by the way; stands for Girl Genius) oh yes!, that's my other infatuation, naming my belongings.
see photos of inside Accessorize below*