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 Lucille Ball episode #114- L.A at Last

I woke up this morning feeling super rejuvenated and in musing mode; a feeling I haven’t connected with in a while. Being a fashion writer, I decided to prep some future pieces. I begin to search my Google homepage, when I noticed an antique television with a grey heart in the screen that said; Google in script.  Followed by a peach hued arrow pointing at the TV with the word play!; engraved into it. Of course you know what I did next!. My inquisitiveness alerted me that today is Lucille Ball’s 100th Birthday, and Google created a genius dedication by featuring random I love Lucy episodes at each click. I know what you’re thinking, as a fashion advocate I should have known this, but a gal like me tends to follow mostly the fashion and not the facts (but I’m working on it). What I can say about LB; her style was effortlessly ladylike and her best accessory was her humor. Happy 100th Birthday Lucille Ball.


Anonymous said...


I love Lucy, she was my idol growing up watching her shows. The outfits were classic, from the shoes to the purses. Her hair reminds me of mine from reddish auburn to dusty blonde depending on season. Keep expressing those ideas that are floating in your beautiful head for all to enjoy.

Pamela W aka your mother

Hope said...

I love it and yes Pam she has always
Reminded me of you. Great post Beena

Karina said...

Thank you Mommy& Hope, the women in our family have always been ladylike ;)