In life and in fashion, we all have come to a point when we profusely say─ “I should have went with my first instinct”. It’s a cliché statement which leaves you wondering, what could have been the outcome of that first choice. When preparing an outfit, I’ve learned in the past not to second guess myself, unless its giving off a style energy I am not fond of (overly provocative, not properly fitting or just plain ole not me ). I use to find myself staring at the mirror debating on the look of choice, why? ─ because I had others opinion in mind and not my own. What use to repeatedly annoy me the most, was hitting the scene and actually seeing the look that turned down, becausethought it wasn’t a hip pick. Oh but times have simply changed and I’ve started taking my own advice (hence the quote).  I’ll give you a realistic example: when prepping my ensemble for the Chictopia 10 Media Summit event  here, I contemplated on wearing the trend of the moment, my American Eagle faux fur vest, (even though I invested in the vest a year before it was a trending pick), I still was overly unsure if I should pair it with my H&M leopard three -quarter sleeve stretch dress, in fear that it would be too showy. But I eventually went with my first style instinct, which resulted in me receiving  ample attention for my quirky yet glam look, my first feature with themagazine(ok) here, and meeting some super chic bloggers who adored my homemade coif. So there you have it, the effect of the first choice is so much more exhilarating than the second.

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