fall addiction

There is something about fall that’s romantically unexplainable. It exudes a nostalgic aura, from the crisp cool breeze, to the auburn scenery. Today felt like a sweet sample of autumn, the sky was utterly picturesque. After work I stopped home to open all the windows, let in some fresh air and give the AC a rest before running my daily errands. For some random reason, I was craving a new scent for my home, (preferably a candle), I kept getting the hint of pumpkin spice. I presume the weather was quite a tease because all I could think about was the season to come. So following my yen, I purchased a Febreze Limited Edition─ falling leaves and spice─ candle, the scent is absolutely irresistible and fitting, along with the Vogue September 2011 issue. In confession mode: Prior to my candle yearning, I made a self pact that I would collect the September issue of all my favored magazines (major fall addiction). Especially after Elle magazine was stuffed cozily in my mailbox this afternoon. And since Teen Vogue and Marie Claire had arrived weeks before, the pact was sure to surface. I snapped a photo of what my evening is going to consist of.
Ps. mini nail polishes are by H&M


Anonymous said...

I love febreze candles they are so sexy & romantic, I love the fall so much

LME said...

I have never tried a febreze candle! I will have to purchase one! My fave fall scent is APPLE CINNAMON!! ~L. Elliott