summer spooktacular

Bath & Body Works, Slatkin & CO
 a. frosted cupcake candle b. frosted cupcake wallflower c. pumpkin patch candle
 d. pumpkin patch wallflower e.  spiced cider candle f. spiced cider wallflower

Even though Christmas is my most favored holiday, it's something oddly enchanting about Halloween that connects with the inner child in me. Could it be the indulging of sugary treats? ;or the idea, for one day, you can actually disguise yourself as your dream character?  I know it seems pretty random to ponder on the thought of Halloween in the heat of summer, but some subjects are worth the fuss. Growing up, decorating the house with festive accessories seemed to brighten up my spirit.  So it was no surprise (BOO!), that when I discovered these adorably scented Bath & Body Works Halloween Candles ($19.50), with matching Wallflowers($6.50); I found myself sensing that identical emotion.

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