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Browsing through noteworthy style blogger, BryanBoy blog site, I was enthused by a video he featured from Forbes Power Women 2011; it was an interview with Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. The content of the video is effortlessly inspiring for any individual attempting to break in to the fashion industry. After watching The September Issue documentary a few months ago, my perspective of Wintour’s scrupulous character totally altered, as if  her persona was originally a condescending fit and needed to be charmingly tailored, (pretty far-fetched for a metaphor, but you get my drift). I respect the organic delivery that Anna emitted during the documentary and the Forbes feature. I found her outlook of the industry to be absolutely opposing to my initial views, and gained a true conception of who she truly is─ "being true to herself", her final envelope of advice (stated in the video) to all venturing into the industry. 

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This is so inspiring I love it