photo clips courtesy of ontd.com
Today I happened to be in my room looking through my countless stack of fashion magazines (post coming soon), when I  set eyes on the Teen Vogue August 2011 issue with Taylor Swift; placed face up on my end table (one of the many places I keep my magazines until I invest in what I call; a maga-case also known as a bookcase ), what attracted me was the bold statement ─ “back-to-school style”. I always tend to skim through old issues to get a glimpse of what I may have missed. When I opened the magazine, I became a helpless romantic for the introduction photo from Taylor's fashion spread. Don’t get me wrong, she is an awesome artist, but I was more moved by her photo shoot clips rather than actually reading her article. I gathered a couple of the shots I thought were significantly inspiring to me. Reading my blog I’ve expressed frequently my admiration for feminine staples, matte lips, dreamy hair─ all things pretty to my eye.  I thought these photos captured the true spirit of beenalabella.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Taylor changed up her look she looks great she looks so chic