lip locked,

Pink lipstick is one shade that looks lovely on any skin tone. My first pink lipstick was a gift from my aunt; it was MAC Viva Glam Gaga, which is a soft, frosty bubblegum pink, with a matte finish. I had just blogged about the (then new) lip color (here) and a couple of days later, I owned it; we’ve been inseparable since. If you viewed any of my social network sites, you will see that in 99% of my photos, my lips are shaded with Viva Glam Gaga. Which explains this post; my love for pink lips has gone from my face to my furnishing. And, I can honestly say my family supports this allure. After expressing how much I adored a pink lip mirror and lipstick lamp, my sister surprised me with both. Now I am on a collectors search for two more items that fit my fixation. 

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