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Stocking up on accessories is certainly on my to-do list this year. One accessory in mind is a sparkly drop earring. I started collecting my mixture of drop earrings in December 2012. H&M had such a great selection (on sale not to mention), that I was left snatching up every pair that twinkled my eye; which lead to this post because I am still on the pursuit for more. My Target: bright hues, excessive shine and just the right length to flatter my features. I even played up how I wear them; I went for an informal take. I paired my H&M rhinestone, deep teal and lime-green stone drop earrings with a stripped button down, fitted slacks and velvet bow flats. The earrings gave my style a resplendent finish. Which drop earring would embellish your look?

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Anonymous said...

Cute. I think these chandelier earrings (what I call them) are very nice. I definitely plan to get a pair for my sister.