adorn thee,

I remember back in 2001, when I attend Nassau Community College, I took a Fashion Merchandising course and I had a project on accessories. My vision for this assignment was taking a simple black dress and illustrating four various ways to accessorize it, giving the dress an innovative style each time. My final look involved an act of patriotism, during this time the tragic September 11 occurrence had just taken place and New York City was compassionately piecing itself back together. In tribute to 911, I accessorized my fourth look with a red denim jacket, adorned with an American flag chiffon scarf.  I dedicated the “look of HOPE” (which just came to me now as I write this), to that unforgettable day. Looking on the bright side, I aced my project and it stimulated my love for accessorizing; and how a simple scarf can do wonders.  I singled out a couple of Manhattan inspired scarves with just the right touch of urban print. 

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