be mine,

Valentine’s Day is making its way into our hearts in nearly 11 days, and while most girls are anticipating a dozen red long stem roses (preferably pink for me), a box of Godiva chocolates, or to have a romantic rendezvous with the one they love. I had another idea in mind; creating my personal “be mine” beauty list that clearly says, “pamper me” rather than edible or blooming.

1.New! SeeByChlo√© eau de parfum spray: This lightweight fragrance is simply charismatic!  It’s a bouquet in a bottle (skip the roses) with floral notes of jasmine and ylang, suffusing your skin with vanilla and musk. The Chloe fragrance style is “graceful, feminine and spontaneous”. Which scent personality describes you? , Or are you all three? (remember three’s a charm). www.sephora.com

2. Neero & Ana Satin Hydrated Pillow Case: I presently own this indispensable beauty staple in fuchsia pink, it is the perfect fix to keep your hair intact throughout your beauty sleep; hair simply breathes throughout the night, locking in moisture and producing voluminous strands. It also rejuvenates your skin cells during the night, “for a wrinkle free, soft, supple face.”  

 * Valentine’s Day Beauty Special: Receive 25% off all Neero & Ana products starting February 5-February 11 enter Promotional code: beena     

3. Essie Petal Pink nail Polish:  I love all shades of pink and Essie too (which is my grandmother’s name by the way), so this polish was an instinctive choice. It is a “sweet and subtle creamy pink”, which is fitting for every day nail wear.  It has a clean yet romantic coating, which makes it a picture perfect choice for V-day.  www.essie.com

4. Carols Daughter New! Brown Sugar Scrub: Exfoliation should be in the “book of beauty regimens”; it is necessary in winter climates and preps the skin for summer, leaving a soft, silky texture. This New Brown Sugar scrub is a “must try” for me, it is infused with all the essential eliminates to relieve dry skin: sweet almond moisture and vitamin E for nourishment. Carols Daughter products have graced my family's fingertips since the late 90’s; it’s about time I become reunited with skin that feels, “so good”. www.carolsdaughter.com

5. Clinique 7 -day Scrub Cream: Lately my face has been feeling remotely dry after cleansing, I follow up with moisturizers but it still does not give me the smooth feel I am coveting. After some referrals and a need to research the best, I discovered this 7-day scrub cream, which is good for all skin types and the precise anecdote for roughness, leaving you with a polished finish. It’s also a great skincare exercise for V-day, I recommend starting the week of (hence 7-day scrub …), so that your face is prim and pretty for your love.   www.clinique.com

 Ps. The 98% overall customer rating supported my resolution as well. 

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