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Neero & Ana "sugarcoated secrets" satin hydrated pillowcase
beenalabella.com has partnered with Neero & Ana for their nomination as Beauty Brand of the Year, presented by HBA Global ( Health & Beauty Association). As an owner of this fabulous essential, I was more than thrilled to show my support. Why vote for Neero & Ana you ask?─ These organically hydrated satin pillowcases are formulated to perform a dual overnight regime; it’s contrived from botanical elements, 100% plant cellulose/wood pulp foundation. Their designed to breathe,"Offering overnight comfort, control and protection", locking in your hair and skins natural moisture; contrary to cotton pillowcases that defeat this purpose by absorbing moisture. With today’s industry targeting an eco-friendly approach, nature has become functional in relation to beauty treatments. Women today live immoderately multi-tasked lifestyles, working full-time, attending college, and participating in extra-curricular activities, which can cause a great deal of stress on their outer appearance. They'll invest in daily beauty rituals to keep themselves looking refreshed and youthful, but what about during the night? , When the skin loses its natural impurities and hair becomes dehydrated from moisture, causing dullness and breakage.

Some have become accustomed to instant results, when it comes to hair and skin care; opting to purchase an ample amount of products based on high price and mass ingredients,(I myself have fallen victim to this philosophy). The hydrated pillowcase are beneficial yet sufficient for those who don’t have the time to prep hair and pamper skin before going to bed. The pillowcases range in a punchy assortment of therapeutic hues creating a rejuvenating sleeping experience, I purchased an electric pink shade. As a young woman living an active lifestyle, this product puts less stress on my nightly routines(no night scarf needed). Its around-the-clock skin and hair care prepping stimulates a luminous subtle appearance. With this indispensable product, you’re bound to define the true meaning of beauty sleep. Now that I've pretty much informatively summed up potential questions, its time to Vote!, simply click on the icon at the upper right-hand side of my blog. The winner will be announced on Sept 21, 2011. I sincerely thank all my readers for your support!

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