missoni mayhem

In my witty reporter tone:  Italian fashion house Missoni, launched its highly anticipated Target line today. The Westbury, N.Y Target was in for a fashion fiasco, when it was reported that avid fans of the quaintly patterned 400-piece collection here, awaited at the mist of dawn (4:30am to be approximate) for the glass doors to glide open allowing them to pursue their covetable needs. Imani L,18, a Westbury Target sales associate, started her shift at 8a.m. She declared the scene- “worse than Black Friday”, she stated that frantic customers were impulsively grabbing items off the racks; with no remorse for the shoppers to come, sporadic quarrels spurred up over the limited amount of pieces that were left─"I felt shocked and nervous, it got really violent, I was scared for the safety of me and other shoppers. This just makes me look at some people different when it comes to material things"; she exclaimed . One customer as Imani explains; spent a steeping $4,000 in one purchase, talk about chic chaos. Via online sources (www.bostonherald.com)Target.com crashed early a.m due to the over consumption of online shoppers; causing the site to become un-accessible. But that’s not the completion of my mode report, I took it upon myself to inspect the specified commentary, and visited the Westbury Target store this evening, I would have to say the Missoni billboard was the only indication of its debut, not a stitch of multihued knit wear insight.  On a preliminary sales note, I predict a lucrative increase. I’m Karina Hill reporting via blogspot, on beenalabella.com. 

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I love the post which was so true. I went to a Target in Alpharetta Ga where I reside around 10am. The only thing was left on the racks were 5 different Missoni items, all in a large.

Pamela W aka Mommy