pillow talk

Today my mom sent me some amazing photos of my grandmother’s latest re-upholstering  projects; I was in awe at the whimsy selection of fabrics used to revamp her pillows, so cheerful and inviting; an elaborate display of glee. The combinational prints are a fitting touch for the plush black couch. Wondering where I get my flair for mod patterns and punchy colours?;the photos above are an ideal hint.


Anonymous said...

This is just a touch of Fashion and Style genes we all have. Which has been passed down from generation and is being sent down to the next generation.
Clothes, Re-Upholstering,Gardening, Designing, and Arts & Crafts etc.

Pamela W aka Mommy!!

Tiffany said...

Wow now I see were you get it from that looks like something you would do LOVE IT !!!! Grandma has talent