style power

2.Jenna Lyons, President and Creative Director of J. Crew 3.Savannah and Sienna Miller, Co-Creative Directors of Twenty8Twelve 4. Wen Zhou, CEO of Phillip Lim, 11. June Haynes, Senior Vice President for Retail at Valentino

Living in a relatively male dominated world; the fashion industry is one, that women have an equal, yet rather influential status because their dominantly the muse. From senior year beginnings, I knew fashion would be my definitive career choice; which was explained here. My aunt Kecia, a fashion aficionado, emailed me this article from More.com, a few days ago- Fierce Female Fashion Executives (read here).  Not only were the 12 featured women pretty powerful, but it activated an enthusiastic urgency to get my career going, as a notable fashion writer/CEO of beenalabella.

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