style share,

It is funny how an idea can fall out of thin air or simply through a text from a friend. This afternoon, while I was prepping my thoughts for today’s post, I saw a pleasant message from an encouraging friend. When responding back, I realized that he previously sent me a video, on this past Sunday, pertaining to scarves, (hence my last post “adorn thee”, here). I decided to click on the link once I saw he referenced it to “style”, and how the video is one of his tools for being innovative with his scarves. It is called, “25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes”, (here). It simply was the best thing I could have done because not only did I learn some inventive ways to wear scarves, I also became accustomed to a style blogger by the name of Wendy Nguyen. Besides her style, her story is remarkable (read her “about” section). Her blog is, “Wendy’s Lookbook”, which is full of gracefully lush looks. Visit www.wendyslookbook.com , and thank you Javon for my new-found style discovery!

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