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If you’ve been following my blog for the last 4 years, you pretty much have an understanding of my mission as a blogger. The items and topics I discuss are all promotion oriented and my goal is not to just let you know what I am coveting but to also inform you on how you can purchase that particular item or look as well. This week I discovered a couple of shopping sites (mobile apps offered as well) that will be practical for your on the go style needs, along with some that I have been actively using; each with a clever catch.

1. www.lyst.com: is a site that keeps you abreast to all your favorite designers and stores in one place. By following them, you stay alert to new releases, and when those new releases eventually go on sale.  

2. www.renttherunway: have an luxurious occasion to attend but would love to be dressed in a designer look on a budget? This site lets you actually rent that one-time runway dress or jewelry for less than the actual value.  It’s pretty much borrowing the celebs approach when attending a big time event, wear once, and well you get the idea. 

3. www.thehunt.com: this shopping site allows others to hunt down the item you covet. This reminds me of a e-personal shopper, but that’s not all, you can obtain followers and display the items you hunted for others, giving you a top notch hunting status. 

4. www.shopstyle.com:my practical little shopping secret, most of the items I post are located on this chic designer search engine. The filter setting is the best because it will search the item of choice by brand, color, price, size and much more.  

5. www.thefind.com: great for local finds and affordable finds. This site filters the item(s) that you desire and even asks you would you like a nearby location. The find is great because it is not just designed for fashion finds but all finds. 

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