runway news: a.m. hair talk

photo courtesy of nymag.com Diesel spring 2011 and beenalabella.com Summer 2010
It is often said that the early bird catches the worm; well in some cases. This early bird actually caught the coif?  Let me further elaborate; this morning while checking my emails and browsing the web (around 7:30 am) to be exact. I came across an engaging photo which prompted me to read the article linked to it. www.nymag.comThe Cut; featured an article  - Fifteen Genius Hair Ideas From New York Fashion Week , however it wasn’t the article that gripped my attention but merely the photo that  illustrated a  resembling hairstyle , one I’ve experimented; when  opting not to chemically relax my hair.  It enthused me to link the photos together in effort to display the similarities and also my adoration for such a simply chic look.  The new found photo is a candid from ─Diesel Spring 2011 ‘topknot at Diesel Black Gold. Though the Diesel display has a bit more of a bulbous boost, the proof is in the coif, both resemblance are rather complimenting. Click here to view the slideshow of the Fifteen Genius Hair Ideas From New York Fashion Week


svrbrownsuga said...

Sweeet I like the hairstyle!

Shen Dove Style said...

I love this hair style!

Caprece said...

Love this hairstyle on you! Very flattering :)