fashion week event: chictopa10 media tech summit

beenalabella@ Chictopia10 summit, photography: Cj James
vest: american eagle, dress: H&M, tights: target, shoes:miss sixty, hair bow: H&M , bracelets/earrings/rings: forever21, heart ring: RUYA closet

On Sunday September 12, 2010 beenalabella.com attended the Chictopia10 Media Tech Summit held at the illustrious Union Square ballroom in NYC. The Chictopia10 summit: is where global online taste makers meet executives from premium brands. The conference/luncheon consist of a refined round-table setting, collective with a room full of stylish attendees. Fashion/style bloggers, PR, photographers, editors, magazine representatives and so forth, gathered in a debonair setting to discuss branding, technology, trendsetting and social media. From a bloggers perspective, I found the discussion to be unpretentiously informative and practical. The panels were fashioned with a respected collaboration of speakers that each delivered their views on assigned subjects.

Panel #1: The New Trendsetters: Who sets the trends?

Kristin Burrows- President of KEDS
Cate T. Corcoran- Technology Editor, Women's Wear Daily
Catherine Rolfe-Blogger

Discussion: In summary each panelist addressed there emphasis on who sets the trends. The concluding views were directed to the new era of trendsetting, looking to the bloggers and street style for direction. Cate T. Corcoran, WWD imparted a valuable standpoint stating that trendsetting has been around since the 1960’s , the streets and music influenced style. Presently it has transpired into a global conversation, change and exposure produce the trends. It was mentioned that celebrities are still superlative when it comes to setting trends but that doesn’t put moderation on the breadth of street/blogger looks that are being targeted.

Panel #2: Visibility in the Online World:

Robin Creen- Chief Marketing Officer, KMART
E.J. Samson -former web director , TEEN VOGUE
Dave Cook-Director of marketing, The find
Liz Cherkasova- Blogger, Late Afternoon

Discussion: The reoccurring phrase in which each panelist declared- “Be true to yourself”, as a blogger it is extremely imperative that you display what “YOU” feel is your mission for creating your blog. Robin Creen, Kmart stressed that you are your own brand, authentic and to stick to your brands vision. Blogger Liz Cherkasova, Late afternoon mentioned building a relationship/conversing with other bloggers is a key. E.J. Samson, (former) web director TEEN VOGUE, emphasized “stick to your goal” when constructing a blog whatever your initial ideas/goal consist of ,“stick to it” along with utilizing accessible networking tools such as twitter and commenting fellow bloggers.

Panel #3: Search vs. Social Media, What drives traffic?:

Dina Fierro- Executive Director-Fashion and Beauty Attention
Francesca Helina- Product Marketing, TWITTER
Albert Chen-Account Strategist, GOOGLE
Vanessa Hong- Blogger, the Haute Pursuit

Discussion: The panel with minimal reference, proposed communal strategies such as Twitter, Google Search and SEO (,Search engine optimization). It was also stated that social media content is KING and inviting the public into your site is an essential way to goad traffic to your blog.

Panel #4:The effect of technology: Has the industry become more inclusive?

Susan Kroger-Founder&Chief creative officer, MODCLOTH
Dino-Ray Ramos –Contributing editor, San Francisco Chronicle
Helen ZHU- CEO, Chictopia
Jasmine Hwang-Blogger

Discussion: The panel was pretty opinionated when discussing this topic but came to a final agreement that it has become more 'INCLUSIVE', with bloggers taking center stage and becoming a major inspiration to brands and industry minds, the fashion industry has directed its focus to “real-like” girls.

photos of chictopia10 media tech summit attendees:

beenalabella and E.J. Samson, former web director TEEN VOGUE
Chictopia10 attendee and Anne lee, www.ascensionstyle.blogspot.com

Caroline Sinders , www.carolinesinders.com and Chictopia10 attendee

Kimberly Peesch www.eatsleepwear.com and Chictopia10 attendee

Jason clubmaster inc and Susan Kroger www.modcloth.com

Morgan, www.morganandlua.blogspot.com and blogger, www.delightfully-tacky.com
Chictopia10 attendees

Anna, www.lucidnewyork.com and Shen Dove, www.shendovestyle.blogspot.com

Terra Mcbride,www.stylishwhitefemale.tumblr.com and Nicole, www.thedirtychic.com
Tiffany Dames,fashion stylist www.hauteexpression.blogspot.com and Ashley Lara, freelance designer www.lovejaded.blogspot.com


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